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Main feature of coffee

Origine du café

Country of origin

Pays de torrefaction

Roasting country

Intensité du café


Type de café

Type of coffee
100% Arabica


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Honduras coffee, between acidity and fine aromas

Produced from fair trade agriculture, Honduras Arabica coffee has an intense taste. Strong in the mouth, with a certain acidity, Honduras coffee delivers its origin from the first sip. This coffee bean draws from its origin all the flavors that it has drawn from the altitude. Central America offers here a product of excellence and France a slow and respectful roasting.

The benefits and virtues of Honduras coffee

Honduras coffee beans are among the products of the largest coffee producers. In France, coffee is part of the morning ritual. Ground or in beans, you are many to benefit from its benefits. The Arabica coffee from Honduras offers a good mood and a feeling of well-being. With one or two cups of coffee, all your vitality is boosted. Making the choice to enjoy an Arabica Honduran espresso coffee offers theenergy needed to get through the day.

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How to prepare Honduras coffee?

Before putting your coffee in your machine or filter you must grind your beans. Once ground, you can place your coffee in your coffee machine . Some machines allow you to use the coffee beans directly. You place the coffee beans in the machine, it transforms them into a ground coffee. Depending on your selection, you will get an espresso or a long coffee.

How much Honduras coffee?

There are between 7 and 12 grams of ground coffee for one cup. If you use a machine, it will dose the amount of coffee according to the selection you have programmed. For an espresso coffee and depending on the intensity required, the machine uses between 10 and 15 grams of coffee.

What is the ideal brewing temperature for Honduras coffee?

The temperature of the water is important in order to enjoy all the aromas of the coffee. To experience the full taste of Arabica coffee, you should use water between 85 and 96 degrees. This way, your Arabica coffee will deliver the full intensity of its flavors.

When to drink Honduras coffee?

There are no rules to define when it is appropriate to enjoy an espresso. Morning coffee is as important as evening coffee or after a good meal. Afternoon coffee is also a good choice to enjoy a break with citrus notes and bitter flavors.

Benefits of Honduras coffee in bulk

There are many advantages to buying your coffee in bulk. First of all, you benefit from a fresh coffee unlike a ground coffee. Thanks to its freshness, you will feel all the quality of the roasting and its roundness once in mouth. Buying in bulk allows you to have small quantities. However, don't forget to keep your beans in an airtight container, dry and protected from light.

Why buy your Honduras coffee on Thés & Traditions?

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