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17.5 x 15 x 10cm

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Cast iron


800 ml


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Features of the Arare Teapot

  • High-quality cast iron that retains heat for 1 to 2 hours without spreading to the handle.
  • Stainless steel filter for easy brewing of tea leaves or loose herbs
  • Timeless and elegant design that adds a touch of sophistication to any decor

Usage Instructions:

Before the first use, follow the instructions below to ensure the longevity of your teapot:

  • Clean your teapot thoroughly with very hot water
  • Dry the inside and outside of your teapot using a dry cloth while it is still hot
  • Then, let the inside dry perfectly

The 800ml Blue Arare Cast Iron Teapot offers a perfect way to savor every sip of your favorite tea. Enjoy the traditional design with a contemporary touch for your daily tea ritual. It's a must-have for all tea lovers!

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