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Iwashu teapots: heritage and quality

Iwachu is a prestigious brand from Morioka, Japan, which has been making cast-iron teapots for over 100 years. This tradition of high quality is palpable in every piece, making your teapot not only functional, but also an objet d'art. The Iwashu Sakura teapot features a captivating design inspired by the famous Japanese cherry blossom, or Sakura.

Features of this cast-iron teapot

  • Capacity: This teapot can hold up to 900 ml of tea, perfect for sharing a pleasant moment in good company or relaxing with a book.
  • Removable filter: Equipped with a removable filter, the Iwashu Sakura teapot allows easy, clean infusion of your favorite teas.
  • Enamelled interior: The inside of the teapot is enamelled, protecting the cast iron and ensuring the purity and flavour of your tea.

All Iwachu teapots are stamped, testifying to their authenticity and superior quality. This mark of excellence assures you of owning a genuine piece of Japanese craftsmanship.

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