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temps d'infusion

Infusion time
7-10 min

température d'infusion


Moment de la journée

Time of day
Day & Evening


15-20g / L




Natural Rooibos, blackberry leaves, grape (grape, vegetable oil), green Rooibos, natural flavor, marigold flowers, orange peel, strawberry, cornflower flowers.


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Green rooibos with red fruits, a childhood delight

Native to Africa, Aspalathus linearis is available in natural green rooibos or fermented red rooibos. Complementary, these two rooibos preparations are combined in our infusion to obtain a fresh and sweet note. The sweetness of the drink is intensified by the presence of blueberry petals and blackberry leaves. As soon as it is brewed, your drink transports you to the heart of childhood thanks to the scent of strawberry, grape and orange pieces.
Without theine, the red rooibos releases a pretty ruby color that delights your eyes as much as your taste buds. Immediate takeoff in the land of well-being and carefree.

Benefits and virtues of green rooibos

Like Honeybush, rooibos are traditional drinks in Africa. While red rooibos is more popular, green rooibos contains more antioxidants. Rooibos are generally used to aid digestion, regulate transit, fight allergies and promote good sleep.
In our infusion, we blend rooibos with marigold, a flower known to soothe digestive tissues and fight inflammation. The cornflower flowers give the red tea anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties. Finally, strawberry, grape and orange pieces have "health" properties that can regulate the immune and digestive systems.

Our tasting tips

How to prepare green rooibos?

Our green rooibos infusion is simply prepared in a cup of hot water. For a rich taste, our red tea recipes call for a 7 to 10 minute infusion. For a more intense flavor, our rooibos infusion can be blended with spices or herbs of your choice.

How much green rooibos should I use?

To obtain a rich tasting green rooibos with red fruits, we recommend using 15 to 20 grams of the herbal blend per liter of hot water. That's one spoonful per cup.

What is the ideal brewing temperature for green rooibos?

To keep the virtues of the natural green rooibos, but also the fermented red rooibos, an infusion at 100°C is optimal. Any hotter and the infusion risks losing the medicinal properties of the plants and fruits.

When to drink green rooibos?

Rooibos, whether green or red, is consumed during the day and in the evening. This "healthy" drink is suitable for the whole family, including children.

The advantages of green rooibos in bulk

In bulk, our green rooibos is flavored by beautiful pieces of fruit. Unlike the individual bag, the resealable "flavor" box preserves a product rich in taste and health benefits. The quality and properties remain intact thanks to this optimal preservation method. You can use as many plants as you wish to make your favorite recipes.

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