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The Pu Erh brick: the famous compressed black tea from Yunnan

Pu Erh, also spelled Puerh, is an old tea from the Yunnan province in China. Consumed for more than 1,000 years, Puerh is highly appreciated by the Chinese. This unique black tea is an exceptional product of superior quality. The production process begins with the plucking of the leaves from the wild tree, which grows in the mountains of Yunnan. The leaves are withered and dried. The organic Puerh tea is then compressed into a cake or brick. This ancient technique allowed the Chinese to easily transport the Puerh on the tea route. The patty also allows a better conservation of the leaves.

The benefits and virtues of tea prepared with the Pu Erh brick

Find our organic Puerh Seng Cha in brick, with a weight of 500 grams. It is a product that can undergo a long conservation. Stored at home, in a humid cellar, the cake or the brick of Chinese Puerh ferments. With age, the organic Puerh is a product that gains in taste and health benefits. Indeed, old Puerh teas develop an intensely woody flavor. And thanks to the fermentation process undergone by organic black tea from China, the infusion acts favorably on digestion and cholesterol.

Our tasting tips

How to prepare the tea with the Pu Erh brick?

Organic Sheng Cha is prepared in a meticulous way. At home, you must have the necessary accessories for the infusion: a tea pick and a teapot. First, pick the black tea leaves with the pick, without breaking them. Then, brew the tea in the teapot for two and a half minutes. Finally, pour your old organic black tea into a cup and enjoy.

How much tea to take from the Pu Erh brick?

To enjoy the special taste, reminiscent of the woods and the humid cellar, take a weight of 10 grams of organic Puerh on your brick, for one liter of hot water.

What is the ideal infusion temperature of the tea from the Pu Erh brick?

In order to preserve the quality and health benefits, brew the tea in simmering water at 95°C.

When to drink the tea prepared with the Pu Erh brick?

With long storage and fermentation, this type of black tea loses its theine content. The consumption of aged China Puerh is done from morning to evening. Its virtues for digestive health make it an excellent product to enjoy at the end of a meal. Also enjoy its infusion during a tea time.

Advantages and quality of the Pu Erh brick

This organic tea from Yunnan is unique. Its leaves come from a wild tree and its shapes, such as the wafer or the brick, make it a high quality product. Every tea lover has a piece of this type at home. This organic Chinese tea is also available in bulk, notably on Thés & Traditions. Bulk is an interesting entry point into the world of Puerh. However, the leaves ferment faster, so the conservation time is shorter. Do not hesitate to consult our articles about Pu Erh before buying.

Why buy your Pu Erh brick on Thés & Traditions?

Order your Puerh brick on Thés & Traditions and enjoy free shipping. Take the opportunity to buy other products from our 100% organic range at reasonable prices. You can also find accessories for the preparation or the conservation of your teas. The delivery of your products is possible in relay point or at home. Don't hesitate any longer and travel to Yunnan for a tea time, with our high quality compressed Puerh Sheng Cha.

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