Quesque la tisane ?

The herbal tea is a very popular drink for thousands of years, which offers numerous benefits and virtues medicinal. What is an herbal tea ?It can actually be prepared in different ways but the objective is always the same: to extract the aromatic compounds and the active principles of the plants in a drink and to benefit from its antioxidants. Chamomile, verbena, thyme, rosemary, peppermint, lemongrass...the possibilities are numerous and dried plants can be used to treat multiple ailments. Without theine, you can drink a cup of herbal tea at any time of the day. Let's discover together the world of infusions.

Guide to the different infusions

Which plant to make its infusions? The variations are infinite! Herbal medicine allows you to choose certain medicinal plants to meet your specific needs. To begin with, you should know that herbal tea can be prepared in different ways. Indeed, the most common is the infusion, which consists of simply let infuse in the cups the plants with boiling water. Then we find the maceration, this time it involves soaking the plants in cold water for several hours. Finally, the decoction requires throwing the plants into the water and then bringing it to a boil. In this way, we benefit much more from their virtues. And these are numerous! Digestive disorders, bloating, intestinal problems, pregnancy pains, stress, nausea, cramps, insomnia... Plants have medicinal properties that can gently relieve your ailments.

How to choose your herbal tea ?

How to choose your infusion is important if you want to enjoy the associated benefits. Ideally, avoid herbal teas in bags and give priority to organic infusions and herbal teas. You must then choose the plants according to the objective sought for your tea. You will find in our guide all the virtues associated with different plants. Your herbal tea can be relaxing, refreshing, soothing, calming, antispasmodic, depurative or even antiseptic. Drinking herbal tea helps to eliminate toxins and improve blood circulation. In the evening, it helps digestion and therefore sleep. The infusion is also very appreciated for its draining character, which is particularly interesting in the framework of a diet or a detox. Finally, pregnant women also appreciate this beverage which allows to relieve many pains linked to pregnancy.

What is the purpose of herbal tea ?

What is an herbal tea for? ?It all depends on the aromatic plants used. For example, you may ask yourself what is the purpose of the detox tea ?The latter is particularly adapted during a detox cure. It allows theElimination of toxins. The detox tea is also effective against stomach aches and stands out for its incredible digestive and anti inflammatory virtues. What is chamomile tea used for? ?Preparing an infusion of this kind is ideal in the evening before going to sleep. It is indeed characterized by relaxing properties which are recommended for better sleep, without having to resort to medication. Other aromatic plants offer incredible benefits, even in the case of ailments and diseases. What is thyme tea used for? ?This last one is recommended to fight against all the small evils related to the infections of the respiratory tracts (bronchitis, angina, influenza?). Associated with lemon and honey, it allows to soothe sore throats in an efficient manner.

What is the difference between herbal tea and infusion ?

We often use the words "herbal tea" and "infusion" to designate the same drink, and yet there is confusion! What is herbal tea ? In reality, it is the drink obtained. The infusion simply represents a preparation method. In this case, you let the aromatic plants infuse in boiling water and you obtain an infusion. It is also important to know that herbal tea and tea are two different beverages. Tea contains theine, unlike herbal tea. The latter can be drunk at any time of the day without any problem.

Which herbal tea to choose ?

There are many numerous herbal teas according to your desires and needs. Choosing an herbal tea must meet a precise expectation but also simply to your tastes. Indeed, the flavors are multiple and drink an infusion should be above all a moment of pleasure. Do not hesitate to vary the mixtures! Preferably choose a organic herbal tea, which will release more active ingredients. The bulk herbal tea is to be preferred to the sachets that you will find in the shops. The latter contain only powder and the virtues of plants are then very minimal. Finally, consider the various benefits proposed by the medicinal plants before choose your herbal tea. Depending on the time of day, you can also vary the flavors and mixtures. Chamomile tea for example is particularly recommended in the evening after eating. Vervain is also often consumed as a digestive infusion after a meal.

Herbal teas

Different preparations of infusions are possible. Herbal infusions are widespread and offer a variety of tastes. Among the most popular, we find for example the nettle tea. Even if this one may seem surprising, it makes the most of numerous virtues. Consumed throughout the day, it has a real diuretic effect and relieves many pains (such as those related to arthritis or rheumatism). L'hibiscus infusion helps to fight cholesterol and hypertension, but can also calm coughs and clear the airways. It can be recognized by its red color and its sweet and mild taste. If you suffer from chronic stomach aches and bloating, the clove tea is then adapted. Simply soak cloves in boiling water. You can also mix them with other preparations of plants or fruits. L'cinnamon infusion is also part of the gourmet infusions very consumed. Its taste is indeed very appreciated, but not only. Cinnamon is renowned for its antibacterial properties, , antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It strengthens the immune system in a global way and helps to fight against digestive problems and diabetes.

Fruit infusions

This drink can also be made from fruit. Variations of fruit infusion are also very numerous. L'lemon infusion is very appreciated for its virtues. Indeed, consuming it as soon as you wake up allows you to eliminate accumulated toxins. Lemon is a powerful diuretic that stimulates and detoxifies the liver. It is often associated with ginger in infusions, which is an aphrodisiac, but also a very good slimming partner. Sweet and sour, the herbal tea with red fruits is also a very good choice. It not only delights the taste buds with its flavors, but also offers an antioxidant effect.