Boule à thé

Tea filters and tea balls are two types of infusers. They allow you to brew your tea and are used in the same way, namely to fill them with your tea leaves and plunge them into your teapot or cup.
Regarding the tea ball, you have the choice, there are: stainless steel tea balls, silicone, stainless steel and silicone. There are also several shapes of tea balls and several dimensions that you will choose according to your habits and the flavor you are looking for.

The stainless steel tea ball

This is the most known and used model among the tea balls, it is robust, durable and affordable. It is a practical and simple accessory to use and very easy to clean as well.
The stainless steel tea ball is composed of two stainless steel half-spheres with small holes as well as a clasp and a chain that will allow you to remove the ball from your cup without burning yourself once the tea has brewed. The ball opens into two half-spheres with a small lock to keep the tea leaves in the ball. The holes can be smaller or larger depending on the model.
For example, the spheres can have a sieve with tighter holes, which avoids having residues at the bottom of your cup. This is not very practical for large leaf infusions or verbena teas, as the leaves cannot completely soak up water to brew properly.

Stainless steel and silicone tea ball

This ball is composed ofa stainless steel part, where the holes are more or less small to hold the tea leaves, and a long silicone stem to allow you to remove it from your cup without burning yourself. It is easy to fill and to clean. There are very original and colorful models. It stays well at the bottom of the cup to allow the tea to brew well.
There are models all in silicone, this allows to extend the durability of the product, because the silicone will not rust. The capacity of your ball may be limited, so it is not practical for large leaf teas.

The large stainless steel tea ball

It is used exactly like the stainless steel ball, but it has a larger capacity at least 7.5 cm in diameter. The infusion is more efficient thanks to its diameter which allows all the leaves to fill up with water and to infuse properly. Very practical to prepare a large quantity of tea, it is adapted to be used in a teapot.

The tea ball can be a classic accessory or a little more original. As for the originality of stainless steel and silicone tea balls, you will find many different models.
To enjoy all the benefits of tea, choose one with a diameter sufficient for the tea leaves to soak up water for a maximum infusion. If the diameter of the ball is too small, the tea leaves will not be able to open properly to brew well.
Also pay attention to the size of the holes, because some of them are too big and you could have residues at the bottom of your cup. It remains an easy to carry accessory, ideal for individual preparations but not only with the large tea ball you can use in a teapot.

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