Sachet thé doypack

There are different accessories for storing tea: metal tins, wooden tins, bags. Even if the latter is somewhat forgotten in front of the tea tins, it has its advantages. Why choose the tea bag to preserve tea? Is the tea bag adapted to store tea in bulk? And for which type of tea? We bring you some advices to put in place in your daily life. Because a good tasting of your teas already depends on a good conservation.

Loose tea: the bag option for its conservation

Usually kept in a tea box, the bag can also be a good conversation piece for your tea or your loose tea. The key is to preserve the flavor and the virtues of your tea. Choosing a good tea bag means opting for an airtight bag.
Indeed, there are several elements to take into account for a good preservation of tea in bags:

  • Humidity: very bad for tea leaves, be careful when storing in your refrigerator, close your bags well for a good conservation. Water is only good for your tea when it is hot enough for a good infusion.
  • Temperature: keep your teas in bags in a place far from any heat, so store them as far away as possible from your cooking areas.
  • Light: tea bags are a good way to preserve tea because they do not let light through.
  • Odors: store your loose tea bags away from coffee, chocolate or spices, even if your tea bag is airtight, these odors should not alter the flavor of your tea.
  • The refrigerator: only for your green (especially matcha), yellow or white teas and always in an airtight bag to avoid humidity and odors.

Loose tea: the convenience of the bag for its conservation

The hermetic bag is a good way to preserve tea. If properly stored, tea can be consumed up to two years after purchase. The expiration date is indicated on the package. If you choose to use a different tea bag than the original one, remember to write the date on the bag. After that date, the tea is still drinkable but it loses its flavor.
Using a tea bag as a means of preservation is also very practical in everyday life:

  • With its heat-sealable opening, the tea bag can be resealed at will. Just remember to expel the air from the bag for a good conservation. If it does not have such an opening, opt for a tea bag clip.
  • The tea bag takes up little space in your cupboards or refrigerator. It is also easier to transport if you decide to take your teas on vacation or to work.

The tea bag is more recommended for the conservation of your black teas like oolong. Green, white or yellow teas are more sensitive. If the watertightness of your tea bags is essential, you should also choose a packaging with a food grade lining rather than a simple flexible bag. The preservation of your tea will be better and so will its tasting.

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