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The teapot is one of the most important accessories for any tea lover. There are different models: cast iron, electric, glass and many others. The choice of your teapot depends on your use and your taste.

The cast iron teapot

The cast iron teapot is a classic model. It is the ideal teapot to prepare tea in the respect of ancestral traditions. It is used for all types of tea, even intense teas that require a longer infusion time.
The cast iron teapot has a unique design, which allows you to serve your tea in an elegant way, especially if you have a full service. It keeps the heat well so you can enjoy a nice hot tea for a long time.
There are two types of cast iron teapots:

  • Enameled cast iron teapot also called Tetsu kyusu is used for brewing tea, you can't boil water in it. Most of the time they are equipped with a removable stainless steel filter. The inside is enamelled to last in time and to resist rust. It is usually made of ceramic, stoneware and then dipped in a cast iron and carbon alloy.
  • Cast iron kettle called Tetsubin is used to boil water it is its primary function. The inside is not covered with enamel. It is its surface that allows the iron to seep into the water during boiling which will give a different taste to the tea which will be richer and less bitter. The tea prepared with the cast iron kettle is ideal for people who lack iron but who particularly like tea and do not wish to deprive themselves of it.

These teapots will appeal to those who like to prepare tea in the traditional way.

The electric teapot

The electric teapot should not be confused with the kettle, they are sometimes called tea machines. There are electric teapots with capsules.
Electric teapots are composed of a pot, an integrated infuser and a lid. You can prepare several cups of tea depending on the capacity of the pot. You can find some options such as :

  • automatic shut-off to prevent the tea from brewing too long,
  • the kettle function,
  • the self-emptying basket : the tea basket is removed as soon as the infusion is finished,
  • the removable elements: the pot or the self-emptying basket for easy cleaning.

Some tea machines allow you to prepare one or two cups, with loose tea or tea bags. They work like the capsule teapots.

With the electric teapot with capsule or tea machine you can prepare only one to two cups like coffee makers. The brewing time can be programmed or defined according to the capsules.
They are very practical for a daily consumption of tea and will allow you to enjoy the tea at the right temperature and appreciate the quality of your tea quickly. They will fit perfectly in your kitchen design.

The glass teapot

The glass teapot is ideal for fragile teas that require a short brewing time. The transparency of the glass teapot allows you to observe the brewing of the tea and to see more easily when the infusion is finished. The transparency offers a visual experience as well as a taste experience.
Glass is a durable, aesthetically pleasing material, resistant to scratches, corrosion and rust, and does not impregnate odors. It is also a 100% recyclable material. It remains fragile and does not retain heat very well. Tea will not stay hot as long as in a cast iron or electric teapot. The smooth surface of glass makes cleaning easier.
There are different models of glass teapots: the borosilicate glass teapot, the kettle teapot, the glass teapot for nomads.

Borosilicate glass teapot

The borosilicate glass teapot is made of a special glass that can withstand temperatures between -20 and 150 °C, which allows it to be used as a kettle. If you use it as a kettle, keep in mind that the handle will be hot because it is also made of glass. The tea will stay hot because the glass retains the heat well.

Glass teapot kettle

It can be used on all types of fires except induction fires. The tea is prepared directly on the fire unlike the enamelled cast iron teapot where you have to heat the water first. It can be used to heat water very convenient no need to have a kettle in addition to a teapot. If you use it as a kettle don't forget that the handle will be hot too because it is also made of glass.

Glass teapots for nomads

You can carry your teapot with you and enjoy your tea. There are different models:

  • the glass gourd with infuser with a protection to avoid that the glass cracks,
  • the double-walled flask with infuser,
  • the portabletea infuser.

It is also called a tea pot with an infuser which allows to prepare only one cup.

Glass, cast iron or electric teapots are not the only models that exist: there are also terracotta, stainless steel or porcelain teapots. Finally, the glass, porcelain or ceramic teacups are very practical to enjoy your tea everywhere.
More than an accessory, the teapot can be a great gift idea. See our other topics :