Accessoire thé

To fully enjoy the tea moment, the choice of products and equipment is essential. Here's how to compile a list of essential accessories for tea lovers. The selection of quality products will focus on four criteria: storing, preparing, enjoying and transporting your favorite beverage. On this page, you will find valuable tips to adapt yourtea accessories purchases to your desires and needs.

The essential accessories for tea storage

Whether you are a tea leaf, infusion, matcha or mate lover, the teastorage accessory must be carefully selected. Indeed, to preserve the aromas of teas and infusions as long as possible, the quality and the choice of the container are essential. Keeping tea in bulk or in bags without any precaution will harm the conservation and the restitution of the flavours.
A tea bag or storage box must be airtight and opaque to preserve the quality of the teas from light and humidity. There are several options for optimal and decorative packaging in tins of different sizes, made of iron, wood, bamboo, metal or glass. To help you make your choice, we recommend you read this page, dedicated to tea storage accessories.

The essential accessories for tea preparation

What type of tea maker are you? Are you a porcelain, glass, cast iron, ceramic or electric teapot fan? As a practical and decorative object, the dimensions and the expected use are to be taken into account when choosing a teapot. Do you want a plain or patterned accessory? Do you prefer traditional styles or do you prefer the modern design and convenience of a built-in infuser?
When it comes to tea accessories, choosing a teapot is a matter of taste. Some materials retain flavors over time. For example, unglazed clay teapots retain more flavors over time. Perfect for black tea lovers, they are not suitable for tea drinkers who like to change products regularly.
Depending on your tasting habits and your desires, you will need other accessories to prepare tea:

  • tea spoons, spoon rest ;
  • filter, tea ball, tea tongs, cup strainers, filter bags;
  • maté preparation accessories;
  • matcha tea preparation accessories.

See our page on tea making accessories for more tips.

Tea sets, cups and mugs

Every detail counts when enjoying tea. Tea storage, water temperature, brewing time, quality of accessories and teapots are fundamental. The choice of the container to drink tea is also important. Indeed, what could be more normal than to take the time to select a tea set that pleases you to the sight and to the touch. Color, size, height, diameter, shape, texture, leave no parameter to chance! These criteria play a role in transforming a banal moment of relaxation into a sublime tasting experience.
Do you prefer to admire the color of tea in a glass cup, the beauty of a ceramic pattern or feel the delicacy of porcelain? Find the product that will satisfy your desires and requirements among the many options available:

  • glass, porcelain, cast iron, bamboo, wood mug or bowl..
  • mug with or without a lid, also available in all possible materials and designs;
  • herbal teapots (mug with integrated infuser)
  • traditional tea service, inspired by China, England or Morocco.

You will find on the page tea accessories details on the differences and advantages of these tasting items.

Isothermal tea containers

Are you a nomad at heart, a great tea drinker at the office or a lover of relaxing breaks in the open air? Wherever you want, enjoy your tea hot or iced. Thanks to the accessories to keep tea hot or cold, you can easily transport infusions and teas and enjoy them at any time:

  • isothermal tea bottles ;
  • thermos mugs with lids.

Insulated stainless steel (inox) tea containers allow you to maintain the temperature of the drink. You can count on six to twelve hours to keep tea hot, up to 24 hours for iced tea.
In addition, some thermos jugs are designed to prepare and drink tea. With filters in the lid, they allow you to control the brewing of the tea leaves as you wish. A built-in spout makes serving tea easy and convenient, regardless of the outdoor conditions.
This type of product is available in varying sizes:

  • capacity from 35 to 50 cl ;
  • height between 16 and 25 cm
  • diameter ranging from 7.5 to 8 cm

Light and practical, discover on this page the detailed characteristics of insulated tea containers.

Make your list of reference tea accessories

To preserve the quality of your teas, prepare them, transport them easily and enjoy each brew, equip yourself with the best products. The best for some may not be the best for others. Avoid buying unnecessary accessories by taking the time to think about your needs and desires. Compare prices, styles and materials of tea caddies, teapots, cups, mugs, tea filters, infusers, thermos flasks. You will select the ones that will delight you and will efficiently serve your daily life as a tea lover.
Take advantage of the quality guarantee of our products as well as the easy delivery to equip yourself intelligently with tea accessories!