théière électrique

Tea lovers will tell you: the selection of the teapot is important in the preparation of tea. It has become a real ritual in some countries, as it is the case in Japan. The cast iron teapot is the symbol of this tea ceremony, also called Cha No Yu. Why choose a cast iron teapot? Let's take a look.

Electric teapot : what criteria to choose ?

The design of electric teapots is quite varied and the choice is mainly made on the use of your purchase. You will have to be careful on other criteria such as capacity, power of the machine, type of tea, programming and options. Let's review.

The power and the heating speed

The power of an electric teapot varies between 1,000 and 1,500 watts. The higher the power of your electric teapot, the shorter the heating time. The wattage will also have an impact on how well your water stays warm.

The capacity and the capacity of the teapot

The capacity of an electric teapot varies between 1 and 1.5 liters of water, so it all depends on the use you intend to have of your device. If you think you will only use it occasionally, you can opt for a 1L teapot. On the other hand, if your whole family is a tea lover, you shouldbuy a 1.5Lmachine.

The type of tea for your machine

Some electric teapots only use capsules, so you don't have to measure out your tea. You buy the tea capsules in the store that fit your machine and it does the rest. The disadvantage of this type of electric teapot is that you can only make tea cup by cup.

Other electric teapots allow you to use traditional loose tea. Some of these machines offer the ability to manually adjust the brewing, water temperature and you have to dose your tea. The glass teapot is more suitable for yellow, white and green tea and the stainless steel one is more suitable for green, black and red tea.

Tea preparation programs

On most machines, the water temperature can be adjusted between 50 and 100°C. The most efficient models allow you to manage the temperature in 5°C increments with 10 programming levels.

The most innovative electric teapot models offer the possibility to adjust the temperature, the intensity of the tea or the type of tea, the minutes and the brewing temperature. Other models have an infuser or filter that lifts up to stop the infusion.

Tea machine: which options to choose?

You can choose from several options depending on the model of electric teapot. For example, it can be the automatic stop, the kettle function to simply heat water, theinfuser that lifts up according to the tea infusion and that is removable for a better maintenance, etc.

Electric teapot: what are the advantages?

The price of an electric teapot varies between 30 and more than 300 euros. A quality product has many advantages for tea lovers.

A perfect infusion of your tea

The electric teapot has the advantage of allowing a quick, easy and adapted preparation of your type of tea. The option of keeping the water hot does not alter the flavors of your drink.

With an electric teapot, you get the best flavors and benefits of teas. Adjusting the water temperature and brewing time helps release the flavors. With the right device, your tea time will be perfect!

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