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Tea lovers will tell you: the selection of the teapot is important in the preparation of tea. It has become a real ritual in some countries, as it is the case in Japan. The cast iron teapot is the symbol of this tea ceremony, also called Cha No Yu. Why choose a cast iron teapot? Let's take a look.

Glass teapot: what are its characteristics?

The choice of the design of glass teapots is multiple, but do not stop at the aesthetics of your product or its capacity in water. There are other criteria to take into account when choosing your glass teapot.

A teapot without memory

The glass teapot is one of those teapots without memory. What does this mean? Unlike other materials such as cast iron, porcelain, etc., thetea brewing will not permeate your teapot. Glass is a neutral material that will allow you to brew different types of teas, such as green tea, Assam black tea, etc.

The different filters available on a glass teapot

Several types of filters or infusers are available on the glass teapot. You can choose a glass teapot with the glass filter to enjoy a total transparency of the product. The disadvantage is that the filter is in the form of a basket with ridges at the bottom of the infuser and small pieces of leaves or spices get stuck in it.

The glass teapot can also have a removable stainless steel filter. This can be a stainless steel spiral filter that looks like a spring to hang on the spout of the pot, a filter in the form of a piston as for coffee.

Finally, you can choose a glass teapot with a stainless steel filter or infuser that is in the form of a finely perforated basket. You can brew all kinds of loose teas with large or small leaves, pieces of fruit, etc.

Zoom on the borosilicate glass teapot

The borosilicate glass teapot is particularly known for its quality and especially for being a resistant product. The glass is made of borates and silica, which allows it to withstand temperatures between -20°C and 150°C. The borosilicate glass teapot can also beused as a kettle and you can heat the water on any type of fire, except induction. It is important to note that glass is not an insulating material and the handle is very hot when you remove it from the fire.

Glass teapot: what are the advantages?

The disadvantage of the glass teapot is that it retains very little heat. So you will have to drink your tea cups at tea time quite quickly if you like them hot. However, the glass teapot has several advantages.

An ecological teapot

Glass is a durable and resistant material, unless you drop your teapot! It is indeed one of the materials resistant to corrosion, unlike cast iron, for example, or to scratches. Glass is 100% recyclable.

A transparent color to enjoy the infusion

The glass teapot allows you toobserve the infusion and see the water take on its full color. It is particularly recommended for presentation teas or those that deserve to be contemplated like tea flowers.

The glass teapot: an easy-to-clean teapot

The other advantage of the glass teapot is its ease of maintenance. Some models are dishwasher safe, and if not, a cleaning or rinsing with water is enough by letting your teapot dry without its lid.

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