tasse à thé

There are many accessories for drinking tea. The mug, the glass or even the tea bowl are widely used to drink a red, black, green or white tea infusion. But tea cups are still the most widely used tableware in many countries of the world. There are different models of tea cups: the porcelain tea cup or the ceramic cup, for example. Discover why and how to choose a tea cup.

What is a tea cup?

A tea cup is an accessory used to drink tea. Unlike a simple glass, a cup is used to drink a hot beverage. Like a teapot, a teacup has a handle to avoid burns. A teacup can be used to drink an infusion or coffee. Mugs can be made of different materials, such as ceramic, single or double wall glass or porcelain. They are also different from mugs.

Teacups sit on a saucer. Their size and capacity are generally smaller than for a mug or a bowl. These products can be sold in sets or collections as a tea set. You can also buy a tea cup individually.

What are the different types of tea cups?

There are many different types of teacups. The first characteristic of this item is its design and colors. Like the rest of your dinnerware, your teacup is part of a particular tradition:

  • english teacups ;
  • moroccan teacups;
  • chinese teacups, etc.

Depending on its influences, a teacup will offer different colors (red, pink, black, white, etc.) and shapes. The material of the cup can also vary: stoneware, glass, porcelain or ceramic. Each tea cup corresponds to a different way of drinking your hot beverage.

Why drink your tea in a glass, porcelain or ceramic teacup?

Between mug and glass, the tea cup is specially designed for drinking tea. Its reduced capacity allows you to keep your teas warm. Unlike a mug or a bowl, the tea cup is used for sharing. A teapot is placed in the center of the table, and the guests' cups are refilled as the discussion goes on.

Tea cups have the advantage of being used with saucers. The risk of spilling tea on your table is therefore negligible. A teacup is also a decorative element in its own right. Many people choose to display their ceramic, glass or porcelain teacups to their guests.

How to choose a teacup?

To choose a teacup, you must determine your use. Ceramic cups with a saucer are the most common. The porcelain or stoneware cup is perfect for your daily tea tasting or for entertaining. Choosing a glass teacup allows you to see the remaining water level.

You can admire the color of your teas as you drink them. Are you tired of your tea getting cold too fast? You should choose a stoneware teacup. Stoneware models keep teas hotter for longer.

You can also choose earthenware teacups. Unlike porcelain, glass or stoneware, these models have a memory of the teas' aromas. It is recommended to reserve each ceramic or earthenware teacup for one tea or brew.

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