Bombilla maté

The bombilla and the calabash are the accessories of mate to enjoy this drink that comes to us from South America. Mate, also called Jesuit tea or Brazilian tea, is an infusion of yerba mate leaves. There is a wide range of bombillas, in stainless steel, alpaca, surgical steel or wood. Follow our advice to choose your bombilla.

The different bombillas for mate ?

The Guarani Indians were at theorigin of the grinding of yerba mate, especially in Brazil. They used as straw a hollow cane to consume the mate, not labeled, but certainly organic. Annoyed by the residues of yerba mate leaves, they improvised the first filter system, and thus the idea of the bombilla was born.
In France, yerba mate is seducing and there are many products and accessories around this new drink. Let's see which bombilla to choose so that the discovery of mate delivers all the quality of its flavors.

Which bombilla shape for your mate?

Among the different bombillas, the curved models are more comfortable than the straight ones to enjoy mate. The filter of your bombilla is important, because it guarantees the quality of your mate.
The original slit filter is the simplest, but it has evolved over time. The almond-shaped models have the advantage of perfectly fitting your calabash to offer an excellent filtration. The spring-loaded bombillas are perfect for the flow of your drink and clog very little. They are ideal for the consumption of traditional yerba maté, even very dusty, such as Maté Intense.
It is very important not to move the bombilla once immersed. It must remain in the same place to ensure theinfusion of yerba mate, leaving the solid particles stagnate at the bottom of the calabash.

Steel, stainless steel, wood, the choice of the composition of your bombilla is essential

The bombillas in stainless steel or alpaca, also called alpaca, are the most popular. You can also find them in surgical steel or wood. The quality of your product is essential for the pleasure of consuming an excellent mate.
It is important to ensure that your bombilla does not alter the taste of your drink, nor release harmful substances. It must also be designed so that it does not burn your lips and its filter must effectively retain solid particles.

Cleaning your bombilla

A well-maintainedmate straw will last you a long time. The minimum cleaning is to rinse your bombilla with warm water after each use. A more thorough regular cleaning is necessary by soaking your bombilla for 30 minutes in boiling water with baking soda. A small fine brush will allow you to remove the maté deposits on the inner wall. Choose a model with a removable filter for easy cleaning.

Bombilla, calabash, choice of organic yerba mate, all the universe of yerba mate

The mate straw is available at all prices. You can also opt for a mate box or a discovery kit that will allow you to initiate yourself to the consumption of yerba mate. It is also possible to consume mate in a cup, a gourd or a thermos.
Ideally, mate requires specific accessories. Calabash, bombilla, fine brush that you can find in our large stock. Discover these numerous products in our pages, as well as our game of organic yerba mate.
If you make us the pleasure to choose our products, your delivery will be sent as soon as possible and with the greatest care.

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