Service à thé Marocain

The Moroccan tea set is the ideal artisanal accessory to enjoy a mint tea according to the traditional Moroccan customs. In Morocco, the Moroccan tea set finds its place in every home. It usually consists of a Moroccan metal teapot, Moroccan tea glasses, a sugar bowl and a tray.
Many cultures offer a traditional tea set, which will look great on your table or as a decoration.

Moroccan tea sets show their oriental origin

The Moroccan teapot is often made of stainless steel. There are also teapots made of glass or silver-plated copper and some models are colored. Mint tea is drunk from a glass, either plain or decorated with a pattern. There is a multitude of different glasses, decorated with a silver pattern, metal trimmed or very colorful.
The round, square or oval tray is often decorated with motifs of oriental origin. Bowls hold tea and fresh mint. A sugar bowl and an incense burner complete your Moroccan tea set. These accessories are made of silver metal, even silver for the most prestigious. You can also find Moroccan tea sets in copper and bronze.

Which Moroccan tea set suits you

A small Moroccan tea set is perfect for two people. A teapot and two glasses will suffice for a delicious mint tea, at a very affordable price. If you like to offer Moroccan mint tea to your guests, you will have to choose a more complete Moroccan tea set.
If no Moroccan tea set finds favor in your eyes, compose your own. You can buy traditional Moroccan pieces and choose the patterns and details that will brighten up your table.

Choosing your Moroccan teapot

Experienced tea lovers will prefer an antique Moroccan teapot in perfect condition, as it has been restored. Imagine serving mint tea in a Moroccan teapot of Berber origin, made of metal with finely engraved patterns.
Choose a glass teapot of the most beautiful effect to admire the color of mint tea. A classic stainless steel teapot will go directly on the fire or the electric plate. From the simplest teapot, to the highest quality model, you will find the Moroccan teapot that suits you.

Moroccan tea glasses

Moroccan tea glasses come in many shapes, sizes and colors. The advantage of composing your own Moroccan tea set is that you can personalize it. From the classic, sober and pure glass to the many colorful details available, give your Moroccan tea set the originality you want. A handcrafted glass with a silver pattern will delight your guests.

Complete your Moroccan tea set

You need a tray, but you can also choose a serving table. Think of the sugar bowl and bowls to present the tea seeds and fresh mint leaves. Finally, an incense burner will allow you to create an oriental atmosphere.
Modern or traditional, the decorations of your Moroccan tea service will satisfy your desires. Stainless steel or silver metal, bronze or copper, sober or patterned glass, the choice is vast. Bright colors, such as red or pink, are welcome.
Consider buying high quality Moroccan products, you won't be disappointed.

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