Mug thé

The mugs are part of the accessories for drinking tea. The large size and capacity of these mugs make them ideal for sipping your hot drink in the morning. The wide range of tea mugs and their use for creating merchandising products make them a very popular accessory. To choose a tea mug, consider the design, capacity and materials of the different models.

What is a tea mug?

Originating in Western Europe, the mug is a popular container used for drinking hot beverages. It is a large cup, similar to a mug or a bucket. The tea mug has a handle, but no saucer. Different models of tea mugs are made of different materials. Ceramic, glass, porcelain, plastic orenamelled steel are examples.

Why choose a tea mug to drink tea?

There are many reasons to prefer to drink your hot beverages (tea, coffee, infusion) in a tea mug. This product is ideal for daily use by one person. Choosing a tea mug allows you to make tea quickly, without taking out a cup, saucer and teapot.

Tea mugs have a large capacity

A tea mug has a larger size and capacity than a traditional tea cup. This makes it an ideal choice if you drink large amounts of tea. Thanks to this larger capacity, you can sip your beverage (tea, coffee) without having to refill your teapot. With more water in your cup, the temperature of your drink also cools down more slowly.

Tea mugs are less fragile than traditional cups

A glass, porcelain or ceramic teacup is lightweight and quite fragile. Inadvertently breaking high quality mugs is quite common. This is why many people prefer tea mug models for personal use. Thanks to the size and weight of the mug, the risk of spilling hot tea is also reduced.

How to choose a tea mug?

When choosing a tea mug, you need to consider different criteria. Choose a product using quality materials (porcelain, glass, ceramic) according to your use. The design of the tea mug is very important to enjoy your drinks every day.

The materials of the tea mug

As for a cup of tea or coffee, there are different models of tea mugs:

  • the porcelain tea mug ;
  • the glass tea mug ;
  • the stoneware tea mug;
  • the enamelled steel tea mug;
  • the ceramic tea mug, etc.

Ceramic mugs are strong and resistant to high temperature drinks. Glass tea mugs are more fragile. Choose porcelain if you like to vary the drinks in the same cup. Porcelain tea mugs do not retain the taste of tea over time.

The design of the tea mug

The tea mug is a popular type of mug because it offers a wide range of customizable appearances. You can choose a porcelain tea mug that mimics the design of a traditional tea cup. But your product can also be inspired by pop culture.

If you want to give a tea mug as a gift, choose a funny or inspiring design. The mug is a very personal accessory, in which you drink your favorite hot beverage (tea, coffee, infusion) every day.

The capacity of the tea mug

You must choose a tea mug according to its capacity. A product of 35 to 45 cl will be ideal for the majority of the amateurs of hot drinks. For a large consumer of tea, coffee or any other infusion, choose a tea mug of XXL size.

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