Service à thé Chinois

The tea set is a real masterpiece of tableware, allowing you to enjoy a quality tea with your friends and family. Tea sets have been used throughout the ages and cultures, especially in China. With modern or vintage style, with or without decoration, Chinese tea sets come in different forms. The accessories, such as teapot, cups or tray, are designed from different materials. Let's take a look at the details to consider before buying your Chinese tea set.

Clay, porcelain or glass: choosing a Chinese tea set

For a small or big occasion, the Chinese tea set is perfect to perform the Gong Fu Cha ceremony. So, depending on the tea, what to choose between ceramic or glass accessories?

Ceramic for a vintage Chinese tea set

Ceramic tea sets include porcelain and Yixing clay tea sets.

A Chinese porcelain service

Opt for a service made of porcelain pieces. Each white accessory enhances the tea. You can enjoy several teas with a Chinese porcelain service. However, as it does not retain much heat, it is ideal for fragile teas such as green, white or yellow tea. Finally, you can choose between an all-white service or one with a Chinese decoration.

The choice of a Yixing clay service

Yixing clay accessories are famous. Without decoration, this porous ceramic retains the tannins of the tea and memorizes its fragrance. You will be able to brew one type of tea with this Asian tea set, as it becomes more and more flavored with each brew. Solid, this old service retains heat and is perfect for strong teas, such as black tea or blue tea.

A modern touch with an Asian glass tea set

Glass is frequently used for Chinese tea sets. This inexpensive material offers a good tea drinking experience. Indeed, the accessories allow you to observe the dance of the tea leaves during their infusion. You can also admire the color of your different teas. Opt for double-walled cups to avoid burning your hands.

Teapots, cups, trays and other parts: what accessories for a Chinese tea set?

There are simple Chinese tea sets, including a teapot and some cups. But also more complete sets, to make Gong Fu Cha.

  • The teapot. The Chinese teapot is often of small capacity and round, we infuse the tea leaves. The filter is usually integrated upstream of the short spout of the teapot.
  • The tasting cups. Generally, the height of the cup is low and its diameter is large. Their number differs according to the tea set chosen.
  • The serving tray. It allows to present the whole service. For Gong Fu Cha, a wooden tray is used, called a boat.
  • The smelling cup. It is a tall and narrow cup, where you can discover the aromas of the tea.
  • The reserve pot. It is used to rinse the teapot and the cups.
  • The tea tongs. It allows to take the cups to empty them between the infusions. Made of wood, it does not pollute the tea.
  • The tea scoop. Also made of wood, it is useful to pick up the tea leaves to put them in the teapot.

Choose your Chinese tea set according to the accessories. For everyday use, a small Chinese tea set is enough. For a big occasion, or for a table with an Asian atmosphere, choose an old traditional service.

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