tea thermos

The tea thermos is the very first accessory to keep tea hot. Made of stainless steel or glass, this insulated bottle allows you to carry your hot teas while traveling or at work. To know which tea thermos to choose, you must take into account several characteristics. The capacity, the weight and the material used are important criteria. Choose a thermos with a design you like to enjoy your teas and hot drinks.

Why buy a tea thermos?

The tea thermos is one of the essential accessories for tea, coffee or herbal tea lovers. This insulated bottle allows you to take your favorite drinks with you. Unlike a gourd or a classic water bottle, the thermos keeps the temperature of the tea.

Indispensable when traveling, the tea thermos is also practical for drinking your vegetable drink at work. You can keep your insulated bottle in your bag without any problem. The lid of the tea thermos prevents you from spilling your drink during a trip.

What are the criteria for selecting a tea thermos?

To choose your tea thermos, you must take into account different criteria. Since the invention of the insulated bottle, this product has evolved a lot, both in terms of water insulation and style. The materials of the tea thermos, its capacity, its design and its dimensions are all important parameters.

The materials of the thermos flask

A tea thermos, or insulated bottle, can use different materials.Stainless steel is often the material chosen for this type of product. A stainless steel thermos is very resistant. Steel bottles are therefore perfect for a trip or a journey with a risk of shock. A stainless steel tea thermos is also light and easily cleaned. After washing, the taste of the different teas used will be completely erased from the stainless steel thermos bottle.

Glass thermos flasks are becoming more and more popular among the accessories to keep the temperature of teas. The thermal insulation is not as good as for a stainless steel thermos. However, the design of this product is more modern. A glass tea thermos also allows you to know how much tea or coffee you have left. The fragility of its wall, however, condemns this thermos to use on short trips.

The capacity of the tea thermos

When comparing different thermos flasks, the first thing to consider is their capacity. You must choose a thermos that corresponds to your use. Are you looking for an insulated bottle to keep your tea at the right temperature until you get to work? A 200 ml tea thermos is more than enough. If you want to share your drink with friends or drink tea while traveling, choose a 350 to 500 ml stainless steel insulated bottle.

Size and weight of the tea thermos

The size and weight of your tea thermos are also important. Choose an insulated bottle that fits easily into your bag. If you are going on a trip with your tea thermos, choose a light and practical model. For daily transport of your beverages (teas, herbal teas, coffees, chocolates) from your home to your workplace, you can choose a more bulky tea thermos.

The design and style of the tea thermos

The design of your tea thermos is a matter of taste. You can choose a white stainless steel bottle that is quite discreet. Some people like tea accessories with a natural look. If this is your case, choose a tea thermos with a woody style. The design of your insulated bottle can also be more original. Depending on your preferences, opt for a thermos with a Japanese style or with geometric patterns.

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