Service à thé

The tea set is available in porcelain, ceramic, glass or metal. It is the essential accessory for drinking tea. Modern or vintage, it usually includes a teapot, cups and saucers, teaspoons and optional accessories. A matching tray and milk jug can complete it to brighten up your table. The price of your tea set depends on the quality, the number of pieces, the design, but it will definitely bring magic to your tea time.

The English tea set, in porcelain or ceramic, the star of tea time

For our friends across the Channel, tea time is priceless. Made of porcelain or ceramic, the English tea set is the essential piece of tableware to enjoy tea in the proper way. The English have elevated tea to the rank of an art of living, so much so that they invented the aviator teapot. Pilots perpetuate the tea time even in flight.
An English tea set often offers a vintage luxury perfume, in fine porcelain, with the unavoidable milk pot for the famous "cloud of milk". From the "tea for two" to the "tea party", tea is inseparable from British culture and highlights teas of different origins. The tea set also has a function of refined decoration.

The Moroccan tea set, in glass to celebrate mint tea

Tasting the traditional mint tea offers a special emotion with a Moroccan tea set. Made of a tray often richly decorated, sometimes even a coffee table with wooden legs, a metal teapot, this service is part of the tradition. In Morocco, the tea glass replaces the cup and the tea is served very high. This spectacular gesture serves to oxygenate the tea to facilitate digestion.
The tray, the teapot and the accessories, sometimes real works of art rich in finely realized details, have a decorative function in every home. Offering tea is part of Moroccan traditions that resist the modern era. With family, friends or at work, there is no time like the present to share an excellent mint tea.

The Chinese tea set, from metal to ceramic over the years

The material of choice for Chinese tea sets has evolved greatly. Today, ceramic is considered the must-have, but porcelain remains the most popular. While metal was popular 2,000 years ago, enamel and glass have also been used. Wood is also popular, as it is a very affordable material.
A ceramic teapot has the ability to retain the aromas of the tea due to its porosity, it is said to breech. It is necessary, however, to have a teapot for each variety if you drink different teas. The Chinese tend to prefer a cup with a white bottom to best appreciate the color of the tea.

Tea set, cup or mug, make your choice

Consumed for more than 2,200 years, tea is the most drunk beverage in the modern world after water. There are as many different teas as there are cultures. Entertain your friends by introducing them to new teas on a regular basis in a quality tasting set. Whether you like the charm of vintage or a modern product, white or colored, you will find the tea set that will shine on your table.

Everyone enjoys tea according to their own taste. You can choose between :