Filtre à thé en papier

Brewing tea can be quite an art for tea lovers. A quality infuser allows you to appreciate all the subtleties of different teas and it is even better when it acts as a filter. Tea filters are accessories available in various formats: tea ball, tea tongs, tea strainer and tea bags. Why choose filter bags for tea? Here are some explanations.

Tea filter bags: a little history

The tea filter bag was not created intentionally, but was born from a mistake. A tea merchant wanted to send samples to his customers and in order to preserve all their aromas, he wrapped his teas in silk squares. Upon receipt, people decided to leave the teas directly in these small bags to brew them. This is when the tea filter bag was born.

Tea bag: what are its characteristics?

The tea bag will have a double action, because it will allow on the one hand, to diffuse the taste of tea, in your cup, your teapot, your mug or a glass, at the time of your tea time. It will then act as a filter and prevent the tea leaves from scattering in your container during the infusion. Contrary to the commercial ones which can take a pyramid shape, the empty bag is often rectangular and flat.

The paper tea bag

The paper tea bag is the most well known and most used. Its low manufacturing cost allows it to be sold at a more than reasonable price since it is the cheapest infuser on the market. When you buy an empty tea bag, it is important to choose an unbleached one, as these can contain chlorine. Also, make sure that there are no glue or staples to avoid altering the taste.

The muslin tea bag

You can also find the cotton muslin filter bag. Some products are equipped with a sliding link to close your small bag. You can choose to use a disposable or reusable bag. These reusable products are often made of organic cotton, they are washable, although they may become colored with time, which is normal.

Using empty tea bags: what are the advantages?

This tea filter has many advantages: it is environmentally friendly, it allows the preparation of any type of loose tea and it releases all its taste. Explanations.

Tea filters that are more respectful of the environment

These tea filters are in their great majority, respectful of the environment, because biodegradable, even if thesingle use of the product can disturb some. On the other hand, some studies have shown the presence of plastic microparticles in the ready-made nylon tea bags sold by some brands. Likewise, some poor quality stainless steel infusers can become damaged, while others made of silicone can leave a taste in your water.

The filter bag for the preparation of all types of loose tea

This infuser is very convenient, because you don't have to worry about choosing tea or even herbal tea in bulk. They allow the preparation and infusion of all types of tea, whether it is loose leaf, with seeds or pieces, etc.

An ideal infusion for your tea with the bag

You can choose the size of your tea filters, which gives you the freedom to put in the quantity of tea you want. So you can brew in a teapot, cup, mug, glass, etc.

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