Chasen fouet thé matcha

Green tea par excellence, matcha tea is tasted solemnly in a bowl during the traditional Japanese ceremony. It is prepared according to a very codified ritual, organized by a tea master. Coupled with matcha tea accessories, the chasen, a bamboo whisk available for delivery in our store, is essential during the preparation of these organic teas, in order to fully reveal the flavor and quality of the powder. To do this, how to choose the right matcha tea whisk?

The matcha whisk, the essential tool for traditional Japanese teas

To select the right matcha tea whisk, it is necessary to know all the steps involved in the preparation of organic tea. You will understand why this product is an essential tool in the Japanese tea ceremony.

The preparation of organic matcha tea powder

Matcha tea is obtained by grinding young green tea leaves between two stones. The result is a very fine green powder. Unlike fruits and vegetables, tea cannot be washed and it is therefore essential that it is organic. This product, when available in good quality, provides many health benefits.

A guide to the traditional Japanese tea ceremony

If you want to follow the preparations of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony carefully, you should take your time and acquire some accessories. First of all, with a chashaku, a bamboo spoon, measure the powder precisely. One measure is enough. Using a sieve, place the organic matcha tea in a bowl called a chawan.
Pour water at a temperature of 80°C into the cups. This is where your whisk comes in handy. Using the chasen, gently whisk the drink until a fine green foam appears. Make sure that the water is not boiling or it will reveal the bitter taste of the matcha. Matcha latte enthusiasts may add hot milk to the preparation, which is contrary to the traditional ceremony style. The use of a teapot is not recommended.

Our opinion on the real chasen, the matcha tea whisk from Japan

Just like sake, wasabi, miso, seaweed or rice, tea is a Japanese staple food. Genuine matcha tea accessories like bamboo whisks come from Japan.

What is an authentic chasen, the bamboo matcha tea whisk?

The matcha whisk is made from a single piece of bamboo. It is carefully selected and dried in the sun, and then carefully peeled. The handle is then cut into 64 to 120 fine branches called pistils, strings or strands. These are curved inwards.

How to use this quality product made of bamboo?

Purists soak the chasen in hot water before use to make the strings more supple. The W-shaped movement of the whisk in the tea lasts for thirty seconds and removes the bitterness of the matcha.

How to care for your matcha tea whisk

Originally, the chasen was used only once to keep it pure. Nowadays, it is of course possible to reuse it. After use, the matcha whisk can be washed immediately with hot water, taking care not to spread its strands too far apart. You can then put your whisk on a whisk rest, also called naoshi. This one allows not to crush the fine branches of the chasen during its drying, and thus to preserve it without deteriorating it.

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