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There are different types of tea strainers. The cup strainer is a practical infuser for one person. Part tea ball, part kitchen strainer, this product looks like a small sieve. The cup strainer is usually made of stainless steel. Easy to use, this stainless steel filter can offer different diameters. A tea strainer sometimes accompanies the cup strainer.

What is a cup strainer?

A cup strainer is a type of tea filter. The name of this infuser comes from its resemblance to a kitchen strainer or sieve. The cup strainer can be used with a cup, but also a glass or a small teapot. Different materials can make up this type of tea infuser. Most of the time, this product is made of stainless steel.

The principle of the cup strainer is simple. The stainless steel tea strainer is placed directly on the cup. The bottom of the strainer is plunged into the water of the mug. The infusion of the loose tea leaves can then begin.

How to use a tea strainer ?

A stainless steel tea strainer is a very easy to use infuser. To brew tea with this type of strainer, follow these eight steps:

  1. Choose the type of loose tea leaves you want to drink;
  2. Heat the corresponding amount of water to the required temperature;
  3. Place the tea strainer on your cup, mug, glass or teapot;
  4. Fill the strainer with the desired amount of tea leaves;
  5. Pour the heated water over the stainless steel strainer;
  6. Let the tea steep in the cup, glass or teapot;
  7. Remove the strainer and enjoy your cup of tea.

You can also use a cup strainer as a tea ball. In this case, first fill your glass or cup with hot water. Then plunge thestainless steel infuser filled with loose tea leaves into the mug. In all cases, remember to adjust the water temperature according to the tea leaves to be brewed.

Pouring water just out of the kettle onto the tea leaves in your mug strainer will burn them. The result would be a cup of tea almost as bitter as a robusta coffee.

What are the advantages of the cup strainer?

The cup strainer is a practical kitchen accessory. The tapered models of this tea infuser strainer fit any tea cup, glass or mug. Like a kitchen sieve, the cup strainer blocks the passage of any loose tea leaves.

Typically, the size of this stainless steel strainer will brew the largest tea leaves. The brewing quality of the cup strainer is therefore very good. You can also use this product with a small teapot. You don't have a teapot or you drink your tea alone? The cup strainer is a good choice of tea infuser.

How to choose a cup strainer?

Start by choosing the material of the cup strainer. The stainless steel infuser is an excellent choice. In addition to stainless steel, you can find tea strainers made of porcelain or even plastic. Although the price may seem attractive, we do not recommend using a plastic product. Next, determine the diameter and depth of your tea strainer

A cup strainer can be spoon-shaped or vertical. This is simply called a stainless steel tea strainer. You can choose a product with a long stainless steel handle, more convenient to use. Finally, a stainless steel tea strainer with a drip tray prevents you from spilling tea on your table or desk.

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