Cuillère à thé

The preparation of tea can be a real ritual in some countries and France also has many tea lovers. For this purpose, tea-making accessories exist and among them the tea spoon. Generally, spoons are used as a unit of measurement for a recipe in cooking, but what about tea? How to choose your spoon and how to measure your tea with this type of spoon? Follow the guide.

Tea spoon : the different models

You can have three different types of teaspoons, each with its advantages and disadvantages. They can be made of wood, stainless steel, porcelain, bamboo, etc. Let's review.

The measuring teaspoon

The measuring spoon usually has a long handle that allows you to reach the bottom of your tea canister or the bottom of your tea bag. The spoon is often rounder and deeper than a teaspoon.

The infuser tea spoon

Also called a tea ball with a handle, this tea spoon allows you to collect your tea from the canister or bag and brew it directly in water. It serves as both a measuring unit and an infuser. You often find the infuser tea spoon in the form of a tea tong with a domed part that consists of two inverted spoons with holes.

The matcha tea spoon

The matcha tea spoon is a bamboo tea spoon used in the Japanese tea ceremony. It has a long handle with a 90°C bend at the end. It allows to take the right amount of matcha to prepare a bowl.

The tea spoon: what is its capacity?

A teaspoon has a capacity of 5 ml or between 2 and 3 grams, the equivalent of a teaspoon. We are talking about the coffee spoon in France, and not the espresso spoon which is much smaller for some countries. In comparison, the soup spoon has a capacity three times greater than the teaspoon, or 15 ml or the equivalent of 10 grams. Finally, a cup can contain 250 ml and a dessert spoon 10 ml.

You should count about 2 grams of tea per 100 to 150 ml of water. However, the measurements depend on the variety of tea you use, as black tea does not have the same intensity as green or white teas, for example. The aroma of the tea will come from the amount of tea and the brewing time in the water and putting too little or too much tea can change everything.

Why choose a teaspoon?

The teaspoon allows you to prepare your own cup, it is not recommended for a large capacity teapot. You can choose a set of teaspoons and use each spoon in the set for a specific tea. If you don't use the teaspoon with infuser, you will have deposits in your cup, but it gives you a good dosage.

An essential measuring utensil for tea

The tea spoon is a real measuring utensil that allows you to put the right amount of powder, flakes or tea leaves. It is an alternative to the tea scale, even if the spoon does not take into account the intensity of the different varieties of tea.

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