Filtre à thé

In the making of loose leaf teas, brewing is a crucial step. Many brewing methods exist and the range ofaccessories for preparing tea is extensive. The tea filter is practical and easy to use. But how to choose a tea filter? To enjoy a single cup or brew a whole pot of tea, follow our advice to choose the right model among the different tea filters.

Tea and loose tea: how to choose the right filter?

A tea filter is an accessory that allows you to brew your leaves in a cup, a mug, a teapot or even a bottle. The choice of your tea filter depends on several criteria:

  1. The capacity of the tea filter: the capacity of the filter must match the quantity of tea to prepare: a cup, a mug or a teapot.
  2. The type of loose tea to brew: loose teas are not all alike. While some contain leaves and pieces, others are ground into powder. It is therefore essential to choose a filter compatible with your favorite tea.
  3. The material of the tea filter: you can find paper, stainless steel, silicone or glass filters. It's up to you to choose the product that suits your lifestyle.

The different types of filters: the tea ball

The tea ball is a classic accessory for preparing loose tea. This filter can be used in a mug, a teapot or a bottle. The tea ball is available in different shapes and materials. Its small size allows you to take it everywhere. For cleaning, simply put the tea ball in the dishwasher.

The stainless steel tea ball

The stainless steel tea ball is perfect for tea preparation. Simply place the tea leaves inside. Its hook system keeps the ball closed. Its fine sieve doesn't let the leaves residue through. Be careful, its flexible material can be deformed during cleaning.

The perforated stainless steel tea ball

The perforatedstainless steel tea ball works in the same way as the stainless steel sieve tea ball. The ball is closed with a screw system. Its holes are slightly larger than those of the sieve ball. The stainless steel tea ball is compatible with all containers. Its chain allows you to remove the tea ball without burning yourself.

The silicone tea infuser

The silicone tea infuser is an original gift for the occasional tea drinker. The silicone tea infuser comes in all shapes and sizes. According to the opinions of some consumers, the capacity of the filter is a little low.

The glass tea infuser

The glass infuser is less well known than the other types of tea filters. Its test tube design is sleek and original. The glass infuser has a hole at the bottom and is closed with a cork.

The different types of filters: the cup strainer

The role of a cup strainer is to prevent the tea leaves from mixing with the water during the infusion. Thanks to its large capacity, the tea leaves can unfold easily and release all their aromas.

The stainless steel cup strainer

The permanent stainless steel cup strainer is compatible with all types of tea. Practical, it fits on a cup, a mug or a small teapot. The cup filter is available in several sizes. For cleaning, you can put your filter in the dishwasher.

The Nylon Cup Strainer

The permanent nylon filter is ideal for brewing teas with very fine particles. This filter can sometimes be a little difficult to clean, as residue can get stuck in the fine mesh.

The cup strainer with a lid

The permanent filter with a lid keeps your drink warm during the brewing process. You can then use the lid as a receptacle for your strainer.

The different types of filters: Tea bags to fill

To brew your favorite tea, fillable filter bags are easy to use. You can find disposable paper filters or semi-permanent cotton filters.

Biodegradable paper filter bags

Disposable filter bags are biodegradable and not bleached with chlorine. These disposable filters are sold in boxes of 100 pieces. Think about home delivery to always have disposable paper filters in stock.

Semi-permanent cotton filter bags

The cotton tea filter is an economical and environmentally friendly product. This semi-permanent filter is available in several sizes to fit all containers: cups, mugs or teapots. To clean it, simply rinse it with clean water.

Disposable filter bags with stick

The disposable paper filter bags are accompanied here by a stick. The stick is a stick that holds the paper bag closed. Simply pierce the top of the bag with the stick and place it on the rim of your cup or mug to hold it straight.

The different models of filters: the tea tongs

If you are a fan of zero waste, the tea tongs are the ideal product. With its fine stainless steel sieve, the tea tongs are compatible with all kinds of teas. This very practical accessory allows you to stir the tea during the infusion thanks to its handle.
As you can see, whether you prefer green tea, black tea or infusion, you are bound to find what you are looking for among the different models of tea filters.

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