Calebasse maté

The calabash is one of the essential accessories for the preparation of a traditional yerba mate. There are many different products on the market: traditional gourd, glass, stainless steel or leather calabash. So, how to choose a gourd? Here are our advices to find your maté gourd.

What is the origin of the maté gourd?

A calabash is a container in which yerba mate is prepared. Originally, the calabash was hollowed out of a squash and then dried. Its name comes from the bottle-shaped fruit used to make it. Nowadays, it has several names: maté gourd, maté pot, maté gourd or maté cup.
To taste a real yerba maté, place the tea leaves in the pot, then pour the simmering water over it. To drink your tea, you must use a straw, the bombilla.
Another method is to prepare the mate as an infusion, with a tea ball or bag.

How to choose a mate gourd?

To choose your gourd, you must take into account 3 criteria:

  1. The material: the selection of your pot depends on your level of experience. An expert will prefer a traditional gourd, while a beginner will prefer glass or stainless steel gourds, easier to use.
  2. Volume: the capacity of a gourd varies from 100 to 500 ml.
  3. The price: the price of a calabash varies according to the material of manufacture.

What type of gourd to choose?

To enjoy a good yerba mate, the selection of your container is essential. There are many products available, it is up to you to find the pot that suits you.

The gourd maté calabash

The traditional calabash is made of pumpkin. This product, rather reserved for the amateurs, is rather fragile and requires a rigorous maintenance. Before the first use, you must clean the pot to get rid of residues.

Wooden maté gourds

The wooden gourd is a container often of small size, perfect for individual consumption. Like the gourd gourd, the wooden gourd must be cleaned before the first use.
There are also bamboo gourds. Although very aesthetic, these products are not very resistant to humidity and mould quickly.

Ceramic maté gourds

The ceramic gourd is the first non traditional container. This type of gourd is easier to use and requires little maintenance. On the other hand, the ceramic gourd is rather fragile and does not keep the heat for long.

Metal gourds

The metal calabash is the ideal product for beginners who are new to mate. This pot, made of stainless steel or aluminum, is solid, insulated and easy to maintain.

Glass gourds for mate

Glass gourds are both beautiful and practical objects. You can find products covered with leather or fabric. The glass does not alter the taste of the mate, unlike the gourd or wooden calabash.

Plastic or silicone calabashes

Plastic or silicone gourds are inexpensive and low maintenance. These pots often have a place for the straw.

Fruit calabashes

You can also enjoy your mate in a cut and hollowedfruit: grapefruit, coconut... A real invitation to travel! This is only for special occasions, as it takes a little time to prepare and the fruit cannot be preserved.

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