Accesoire pour boire le thé

Among all the tea accessories, there are many used to enjoy tea. The tea cup is the traditional solution to enjoy a matcha tea or an infusion. Used with a tea ball or tea bag, tea mugs have also become very popular. The full tea set retains its reputation among traditional tea lovers. Find out what you need to know about the different tea accessories.

The tea cup: the traditional tea drinking accessory

The tea cup is the traditional accessory in many countries to enjoy tea. In China, England and Japan, tea is drunk in cups. This accessory is specially designed for drinking high temperature beverages (teas, coffees, herbal teas). The list of products and materials used in the design of tea cups is long: ceramic, glass, porcelain, metal, etc..

Why choose a tea cup to enjoy your tea?

The tea cup offers an ideal design for the preservation of the temperature of the infusions of teas or herbal teas. Unlike a simple glass, it offers a handle to avoid burns. Tea cups can also be decorative. Choose a tea cup to make your tea tasting a special moment at the table. Tea cups are essential for a tea ceremony or an English tea time.

What design for a tea cup?

For those who love traditional tea cups and accessories, choose a classic design. Depending on your infusions (teas, herbal teas) or your favorite cultures, choose an English or Japanese tea cup. Remember to match the color of your cups with your teapot and tea caddy. Depending on your desires, you can opt for a tea cup with a more modern design.

How to choose the material of your tea cup?

The choice of the material of a teacup is important. It will define the conservation of heat, but also the flavors of teas. A porcelain tea cup without memory can accommodate all your tea leaves (matcha tea, black tea, white tea, etc.).

You should assign ceramic or earthenware products to one type of tea. The glass mug is a popular choice for observing the color of your teas during your tasting.

The tea mug: a popular tea drinking accessory

The tea mug is a very popular accessory for drinking tea or coffee. Although it has existed for a long time, its democratization for tea drinking is rather recent.

Definition of the tea mug

The tea mug is used to drink tea, but also coffee, herbal tea and other hot drinks. Mugs are large cups, used without saucers. These tea accessories have a handle. Tea mugs have a design similar to cups or mugs. Like teacups, they are made of different materials, such as ceramic, glass, porcelain or enamelled steel.

Why is the tea mug so popular?

Tea mugs are in direct opposition to the traditional tea ceremony. This accessory is rarely used with a teapot. These products can be found at good prices everywhere. The design of tea mugs is also very customizable.

In general, we use a tea bag or a tea ball for the preparation of its infusion. The tea mug is very personal, unlike a full tea set. Adapted to modern life, you can drink your infusions, teas and herbal teas at the table, at work or snuggled up on your sofa.

How to choose your tea mug?

There are several criteria to consider when choosing a tea mug. The material (ceramic, metal, glass, porcelain) will largely determine the quality and price of the object. Tea mugs are used on a daily basis. Choose a design and a color that match your personality. Also remember to select the ideal capacity, depending on your tea consumption.

The tea set: the perfect tableware to offer tea to your guests

You can choose to invest in a complete quality tea set. This is an ideal solution if you like to enjoy tea or herbal tea at the table and with others.

What is a tea set?

A tea set is a set of tableware designed for the preparation and tasting of tea. It can contain :

  • tea cups ;
  • saucers ;
  • tea spoons ;
  • a matching teapot ;
  • and other accessories.

All tea service ware is similar in color and design. From handcrafted to industrial, you will find these sets in a variety of materials. A tea set can be made of metal, glass, ceramic or porcelain.

Why buy a tea set?

You can use a tea set in different contexts. If you are a fan of the traditional tea ceremony or tea time, a matching tea set is a must. More broadly, a tea set is ideal if you often offer tea or herbal tea to your guests.

Buying a complete tea set can be a good value for money. This is especially true if you want to buy a teapot and tea cups at the same time.

What are the different types of tea sets?

Most tea sets are part of a particular tradition. The way tea leaves are stored, prepared and enjoyed has shaped tea sets from different countries. Choose a fine porcelain or ceramic set for your English tea time.

You can also choose a Chinese tea set in metal, ceramic, glass or porcelain. The Moroccan sets have the particularity to propose a metal teapot and tea glasses.

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