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Discover our organic yerba mate blends

At Thés & Traditions, we take great care in choosing high quality ingredients. Our yerba mate blends, like all our teas, are 100% organically produced. The packaging in zip bags or metal boxes of 100 g offers our products a perfect freshness and conservation. Mate is known for its many proven benefits. The different blends, like our blood orange mate, each have their own specific properties.

The benefits and virtues of mate

Thevirtues of mate are numerous. It is known for its detoxifying power, its energizing capacities and its positive impact on cholesterol. It is also a drink with recognized antioxidant properties. It is the ideal product, like tea, for people who do not like to drink plain water.
According to many opinions, yerba mate is beneficial for the immune system, blood circulation and metabolism. Choosing an organic mate is a good choice.

Our advice for tasting

How to prepare your mate ?

Mate is consumed as an infusion. Put your mixture of yerba mate leaves in the calabash of your set. Pour in hot water and let it infuse for 5 to 10 minutes, then drink it with your bombilla.
You can also prepare mate in a cup or teapot by using a bag or by filtering your drink with a strainer.

How much mate should I use?

It is recommended to use 14 to 17 g of yerba mate leaves per liter of water. However, you should know that mate can be infused several times. You can also add various flavors such as mint, citrus or even coffee to obtain your favorite drink.

What is the ideal brewing temperature for mate?

To get a rich flavor, pour water at a temperature of about 100°C over your yerba mate blend.

When to drink mate?

Youcan drink mate whenever you want! The different blends will be more suitable at certain times and don't forget that mate is rich in caffeine. But it is you who decide according to your taste.

The advantages of our mate box

We have designed our mate box to simplify your discovery of yerba mate. There is no need to waste hours of time choosing between the many gourds or finding the ideal bombilla.
With our mate box, all you have to do is order one of our high quality organic mate blends and your mate adventure can begin. Our mate box is the perfect gift to introduce your friends to this unique traditional yerba mate drink.

Why buy your mate box on Thés & Traditions?

By choosing to order your mate box at Thés & Traditions, you will have the guarantee to receive a bombilla and a calabash of great quality. All our products are selected with the greatest care.
Choose to receive your order at home or in relay point. Take advantage of the free delivery in France from 45 €. Totally secure payment system.

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