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0,25 min

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All day long


1-2g / cup


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Characteristics of Matcha Hisui

This ceremonial matcha has a rich green color, symbolizing jade, hence the name Hisui. This vibrant color reflects the superior quality of the finely ground tea leaves. Its fine, velvety texture combines with a deep, rich flavor to offer a complete theatrical experience.

Our Hisui Organic Matcha is an ideal option for those seeking a premium organic tea for their tea ceremony or to add a touch of luxury to their everyday cooking. Not only does it excel as a traditional ceremonial tea, it also lends itself to a variety of other culinary uses. Whether you're looking to create delicate pastries, innovative cocktails or nutritious smoothies, our Matcha Bio Hisui adds an extra dimension of flavor and color to your creations.

Origins and production process

Matcha, a centuries-old tradition in Japan, has its roots in the Heian period, when it was consumed by Buddhist monks as an aid to meditation. Our Hisui Organic Matcha is produced with respect for these ancient traditions, combined with modern agricultural techniques to guarantee a product of the highest quality.

The town of Kakegawa, where our matcha is produced, is located in Shizuoka prefecture, widely recognized as the cradle of Japanese green tea. The region's green tea plantations benefit from a mild climate and rich soil, ideal for growing tea.

The tea leaves used to create our Matcha Bio Hisui are shaded for several weeks before harvesting. This process increases the chlorophyll content of the leaves, giving the matcha its characteristic jade-green color. After harvesting, the leaves are carefully ground using stone mills to produce a fine powder.

Advantages of this ceremonial Matcha

Grown in the picturesque town of Kakegawa, this ceremonial matcha reflects the dedication and passion of local producers for their craft. Each leaf is carefully selected to ensure that only the finest ingredients go into the composition of our Hisui Organic Matcha.

Consumed regularly, matcha can offer a multitude of health benefits, including relaxation. As well as being delicious, our Matcha Bio Hisui can be a valuable ally in your quest for well-being.

How to prepare this Matcha

For a traditional cup of tea, pour a teaspoon of Matcha Bio Hisui into a tea bowl, add hot water, then whisk vigorously with a matcha whisk until fine foam forms. For smoothies, simply add a teaspoon to your favorite blend. When baking, you can use Matcha Bio Hisui as you would any other dry ingredient. Matcha Bio Hisui is more than just a tea, it's a celebration of Japanese culture and tradition. In addition to its nutritional benefits, it offers a rich culinary experience that evokes the spirit of the Japanese tea ceremony. Whether you're an experienced tea lover or simply curious to try new flavors, Matcha Bio Hisui is sure to become a welcome addition to your daily routine.

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