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Wushan teapot: bewitching design in green

The Wushan teapot is a true gem with its lush green hue, reminiscent of rolling green hills and the serenity of nature. It brings not only a touch of elegance to your table, but also a sense of calm to your tea ritual.

Manufacturing quality

  • Robust cast iron: Made from quality cast iron, this teapot guarantees excellent heat retention, keeping your tea hot for longer.
  • Enamelled interior: With an enamelled interior, the teapot protects the cast iron and ensures that every cup of tea retains its delicate aroma.
  • Stainless steel filter: Thanks to its removable stainless steel filter, the Wushan teapot makes it easy to brew your favorite teas cleanly and conveniently.

Ideal capacity

With a capacity of 800 ml, the Wushan teapot is perfect for serving several cups of tea or for a relaxing solo tea session.

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