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Sophisticated design with a touch of tradition

The Ulungur teapot is distinguished by its deep black color, reminiscent of a peaceful night, and its wooden handle, which adds a rustic, traditional character. This combination makes it not only a functional utensil, but also a refined piece of decoration.

Ulungur teapot quality

  • High-quality cast iron: Made from sturdy cast iron, this teapot guarantees excellent heat retention, ensuring that your tea stays hot longer.
  • Enamelled interior: The enamelled interior of the Ulungur teapot protects the cast iron and ensures the preservation of your tea's subtle aromas.
  • Stainless steel filter: Equipped with a removable stainless steel filter, the Ulungur teapot offers precise and convenient infusion of your favorite teas.

A generous teapot capacity

With a capacity of 900 ml, the Ulungur teapot is ideal for serving several cups of tea, whether you want to share a convivial moment or enjoy your favorite beverage in peace.

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