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Preparation Tips

temps d'infusion

Infusion time
3-5 min

température d'infusion


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Morning & Day


12-15g / L




Assam black tea, blackberry leaves, natural flavor, whole verbena, grape (grape, vegetable oil), elderberry, raspberry, blackberry (2%), strawberry, black currant, red currant.


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Black tea with red fruits, the scent of summer

Our red fruit tea smells like sunshine and the countryside. With a base of Assam black tea, our drink has a slightly acidic flavor and is filled with the scent of berries. In the space of a moment, your taste buds take off to the summers of your childhood. The berries provide a sweet finish that contrasts with the bitter flavor of organic black tea. To make your palate sparkle, you can add a red cherry to your drink. And why not be original with Ceylon cinnamon, like at Christmas?

The benefits and virtues of black tea with red fruits

The base of our organic infusion is an Assam black tea. This Indian tea is known for its cardiovascular benefits. Black teas are also rich in catechins that promote weight loss. The verbena contained in the product has digestive virtues. This plant, well known in herbal teas, is also relaxing and antipyretic.
This drink with red fruit notes has real fruit with diuretic effects. Redcurrant is slightly laxative, while raspberry is constipating. The strawberry relieves hypertension while the elderberry fights rheumatic pains.

Our tasting tips

How to prepare black tea with red fruits

To prepare a drink with subtle red fruit aromas, place a teaspoon of ingredients in a bag. Immerse it in a cup of hot water for 3 to 5 minutes.

How much black tea with red fruits?

Our organic black tea with red fruits develops subtle aromas. To enjoy beautiful notes of strawberry, raspberry and red currant, we recommend using 12 to 15 grams of ingredients per liter of water. Beyond that, the flavors of black tea take over.

What is the ideal brewing temperature for black tea with red fruits?

To achieve the intense flavor of black tea, a brew temperature of 100°C is required. A higher temperature risks drowning out the flavor of the more delicate red fruits. Below this temperature, the aromatic range will not be sublimated.

When to drink black tea with red fruits?

Organic black tea contains caffeine. For the comfort of your sleep, we recommend tasting the infusion in the morning or during the day. In the evening, you can consume a plain rooibos, without any exciting substances.

The advantages of black tea with red fruits in bulk

In bulk, in a bag, in a box or in a case, our flavored black tea contains beautiful pieces of red fruits. The smallest ones such as raspberries and red currants are whole. This packaging offered in our store allows a better conservation. Whether you choose the bag, the box or the chest, the product remains fragrant from the first to the last use.

Why buy your black tea with red fruits on Thés & Traditions?

On Thés & Traditions, our teas and herbal teas are guaranteed 100% organic. Our store has a secure payment system and a flexible delivery at home or in relay point. Your delivery is offered from 45 euros of purchase among teas and infusions, but also rooibos, accessories and boxes.

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