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13g / L


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The origin and flavor of OP Venture Ceylon black tea

Sri Lanka is one of the largest producers of black tea. Originally, this island, formerly known as Ceylon, was specialized in the cultivation of spices and coffee roasting. In the 19th century, the British imported tea plants from China and the Assam region of India. The nature of the island produces very distinct teas. With its contrasting climate and altitude, the flavor and aromatic note of the teas differ.
Our organic black tea is made from Orange Pekoe leaves, young tender shoots without buds. These leaves give a coppery infusion with a strong taste. This bitter flavor is accompanied by a natural aroma of citrus and chocolate. A note of spice can also be found in the organic infusion.

Benefits and virtues of OP Venture Ceylon black tea

Black teas from Ceylon, Yunnan, Assam or Darjeeling offer health benefits. Rich in antioxidants, their infusions protect the body's cells against oxidative stress. Drinking a cup of black tea daily can reduce the risk of chronic diseases.
Tea leaves also contain theine, a natural stimulant better tolerated than caffeine. The quality of our natural Ceylon tea makes it an essential product for your well-being. In Sri Lanka, it is consumed every day to keep in shape.

Our advice of tasting

How to prepare OP Venture Ceylon black tea?

For your infusion, you need accessories: a cup, a teapot or a filter bag. Place the ingredients in your teapot or bag, then pour water heated to high temperature. Let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes and enjoy your organic black tea plain or with a little milk.

How much OP Venture Ceylon black tea?

In order to experience the full-bodied taste of this classic tea, prepare 13 grams of organic product for one liter of infusion.

What is the ideal temperature for OP Venture Ceylon black tea?

For your black tea infusions, it is preferable to heat the water to boiling point, i.e. at a temperature of 100°C. In this way, the coppery colour, natural spicy aroma and strong flavour are revealed.

When to drink OP Venture Ceylon Black Tea?

With their strong theine and aromatic notes, Sri Lankan black teas are best enjoyed at breakfast. We drink their infusions plain, to feel all their flavor, or with milk to drown their bitterness.

Benefits of OP Venture Ceylon Black Tea in bulk

We choose our ingredients in bulk for their high quality, their flavor and their aromatic note. To preserve our products, we package them in France. Our loose organic black tea is available in resealable bags or in airtight boxes. The price indicated is for a quantity of 100 grams.

Why buy your Ceylon black tea OP Venture on Thés & Traditions?

On our site, the payment is entirely secured. The delivery of your products is done at home or in relay point, at your convenience. Take advantage of the free delivery for any basket over 45 euros.
On the store Thés & Traditions, you can order natural teas such as Darjeeling or Assam, coming from India, or Yunnan black tea , coming from China. Also available are teas with fruit or flowers, such as rose. But also other infusions, like herbal teas. All our products areorganically grown, to guarantee you the best of nature and an authentic taste.

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