caractéristique technique

Technical feature

temps d'infusion


température d'infusion

Ø 7,5 cm H 11,7 cm

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Refined Features:

  • Japanese Art-Inspired Design: The embossed Japanese crane symbolizes grace and longevity, offering a visual that is both soothing and inspiring, perfect for any relaxation or work space.
  • High-Quality Metal Construction: Each box is crafted to ensure superior durability and resistance, effectively protecting your teas and infusions from external elements.
  • Double Closure System: An outer lid plus an inner fitting cap ensure airtight preservation of aromas and extended freshness of your teas.

Care and Preservation:

  • Gentle and Effective Cleaning: Recommended to maintain the integrity of the embossed motif and the matte finish, thus prolonging the beauty and functionality of the box.
  • Odor Management: Simple tricks like using rice or sugar cubes help neutralize residual odors, keeping your box ready for new teas.

Whether you are a passionate tea enthusiast or looking for a refined decorative element, the Komorebi 150g Tea Box is a perfect addition to your collection, combining traditional aesthetics and modern functionality.

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