Eigenart: the art of preserving your teas in style

Welcome to the world of Eigenart. For almost 20 years, Eigenart has been a key player in the world of tea accessories, offering original, designer products of exceptional quality. Our tea caddies are designed with a precise mission in mind: to preserve the freshness and subtle aromas of your favorite teas. Thanks to their ingenious design, the tins guarantee perfect preservation. Eigenart doesn't stop there: they are also the creators of Teaeve herbal teapots, Flowtea nomad teapots, Teafan infusers, Leeza bottles and Eve decanters. Each product embodies their passion for tea and their commitment to offering you a unique experience.

Let yourself be seduced by the unique double-walled herbal teapots, made from porcelain. Thanks to this double wall, you can enjoy the warmth of your cup without ever burning your hands. Eigenart is much more than a brand, it's an art of living. Discover our full range of tea accessories, from cups and mugs to storage boxes and isothermal bottles. With Eigenart, you're sure to find unique products that match your style and expectations.

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