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Preparation Tips

temps d'infusion

Infusion time
2-3 min

température d'infusion


Moment de la journée

Time of day
All day long


12g / L


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The flavors of Fujian with this green Oolong tea

The consumption of Oolong teas continues to grow around the world. Oolong tea leaves are grown in China and Taiwan. They undergo a process of oxidation more or less advanced depending on the type of tea desired: low oxidation for an Oolong reminiscent of green tea and high fermentation for an Oolong close to black tea.
Our Chinese green Oolong comes from the Fujian mountains. The leaves are rolled to preserve the flavors and benefits. This tea is slightly oxidized, which gives it a fresh taste and floral notes. It produces a smooth and light colored infusion with a low theine content for a light cup.

Benefits and virtues of green oolong tea

Teas with low oxidation, such as white tea or Oolong, better preserve the beneficial effects of the plant. The production method of our tea allows it to preserve its polyphenol content. These antioxidants offer multiple health benefits.
Indeed, they fight against the oxidation of your cells, accompany you in your weight loss and help you maintain a good health. Moreover, our organic Tie Guan Yin contains little caffeine, so its consumption is possible for the most sensitive tea drinkers.

Our tasting tips

How to prepare the green Oolong tea?

You can brew your Chinese Oolong tea according to the western method or the traditional method. In all cases, the infusion of our organic semi-oxidized tea is short. Between 2 to 3 minutes in hot water before consumption. The leaves can release their taste for several successive infusions.

How much green oolong tea?

For a cup rich in flavor, aroma and polyphenols, we recommend infusing 12 grams of leaves per liter of water.

What is the ideal brewing temperature for green oolong tea?

In order to bring out the fresh notes of your Chinese Oolong, the infusion temperature of your organic product should not exceed 80°C.

When to drink green Oolong tea?

Enjoy the effects of the antioxidants in your Oolong all day long. Semi-oxidized teas are low in caffeine, so late drinking is quite possible.

The benefits of loose green oolong tea

Our China Oolongs and other teas are organically grown and responsibly produced. The leaves are of superior quality. Each product is packaged in France, in zip bags or boxes. They allow an excellent conservation of the teas, their aromatic notes and their beneficial effect on health.

Why buy your green Oolong tea on Thés & Traditions?

Need green tea for weight loss ? A white or black tea to fill up with polyphenols or theine? Or simply an original tea to discover new flavors?
Find your happiness on our store thanks to our long list of 100% organic loose teas from different parts of the world. Enjoy a secure payment and free delivery, at home or in a relay point, from 45 euros of purchase.

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