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Ø : 9cm H 13,5 cm

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Porcelain (cup and lid) - stainless steel (filter)




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Unique design inspired by Shiva, the lucky Hindu God

The unique design of this teapot features a figurine representing Shiva, the Hindu God of happiness and symbol of meditation. With this teapot, you can sit comfortably on your yoga mat and let Shiva's benevolent gaze accompany you as you sip your tea.

An elegant and functional decorative object

The Little Shiva from Eigenart's TEAEVE® range is not only functional, it's also a real decorative object. With its two different illustrations of the Little Shiva in ocean colors, its gold ornaments and its raised white motifs, it brings a touch of elegance to your home.

Technical features and practical use

The herbal tea pot features a ceramic lid that retains the heat of your beverage and allows the filter to be collected once your infusion is complete. The finely perforated, beautifully designed stainless steel filter retains the finest particles, giving you a tasting experience free from unwanted residue. Thanks to its practical handle, filter removal is easy and effortless.

Perfect for all your hot beverages

Whether you're enjoying tea, infusions, carcadets or herbal teas, the Little Shiva herbal teapot will be your ideal companion. Its high-quality thermal insulation keeps your drink hot for a long time, ideal for those winter evenings when you want to warm your hands before enjoying your delicious beverage.

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