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278 g

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8 x 10 cm

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380 ml


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An Ode to the Rich Traditions of Porcelain

The Flora Japonica Gingko mug pays tribute to the rich tradition of porcelain, initiated in the 16th and 17th centuries, when the Netherlands imported precious ceramics from the East. The famous Delft blue, born from this importation, traveled and transformed, in turn inspiring Japanese artists. This mug embodies this creative back-and-forth between the two cultures, resulting in a unique design, blending traditional Japanese patterns with European aesthetics.

A Craftsmanship from Japan

Made in Japan, the Flora Japonica Gingko mug is the fruit of 400 years of artisanal know-how. It combines traditional production with modern techniques to offer you a product of exceptional quality. This mug weighs 278g, making it both robust and pleasant to handle. It measures 8cm in diameter and 10cm in height, the ideal size for enjoying your favorite drink. Its capacity of 380ml is perfect for a hot tea or a large cup of coffee.

More than a Mug: a Journey through Time

Functional and aesthetic, this mug withstands both the dishwasher and the microwave, making its daily use easy and practical. The Flora Japonica Gingko porcelain mug is more than just a container for your drinks. It's a journey through time, a connection between two cultures, and a celebration of Japanese nature in all its splendor. Enjoy each sip while savoring the history and craftsmanship hidden behind this unique design.

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