caractéristique technique

Technical feature

temps d'infusion

1560 g

température d'infusion

8 x 10 cm

Moment de la journée



380 ml


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A Unique Craftsmanship for an Unmatched Tasting Experience

Crafted with a keen sense of detail, this set reflects the rich and fascinating history of the creative fusion between Japan and the Netherlands, which began in the XVI and XVII centuries. It symbolizes our shared love for Japanese nature while integrating a unique European touch into traditional Japanese design.

Resulting from a collaboration with the Tokyo Design Studio, each mug is made in Japan following a traditional method that has been perfected over the past 400 years. The mugs go through a two-sided baking process, then glazing before being baked again. Each step is meticulously controlled to ensure the highest quality of the product.

Practical, these mugs are also durable and can be put in the dishwasher without losing their splendor. Whether you are a lover of Japanese culture, a fan of botanical arts, or simply a connoisseur of beautiful tableware, this set of 4 Flora Japonica Mugs will charm you and brighten your tasting moments.

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