caractéristique technique

Technical feature

temps d'infusion

410 g

température d'infusion

Height: 13 cm, Ø: 8.60 cm

Moment de la journée

Japanese ceramics


400 ml


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The Blue Clover Mug: A Blend of Robustness, Elegance, and Japanese Authenticity

Made from sturdy stoneware, this mug is designed to withstand the test of time and the potential mishaps of daily life. Its wide handle ensures easy handling, and the high-quality enamel provides a soft texture to the touch for an even more enjoyable tasting experience. The Blue Clover Mug is adorned with blue clovers, called "ao kuroba" in Japanese, adding a touch of originality and elegance to its design. It offers a capacity of 40cl, ideal for savoring both your teas and your herbal or fruit infusions.

A Unique Experience: The Blue Clover Mug, beyond being a simple mug, represents a gateway to an authentic and traditional Japanese tasting experience. Treat yourself or gift it to your loved ones to invite them to discover this millennial tradition.

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