Conseils de préparation

Preparation Tips

temps d'infusion

Infusion time
7-10 min

température d'infusion


Moment de la journée

Time of day
Day & Evening


12-15g / L



Ingrédients biologiques

*Ingredients from organic farming :

Fennel, liquorice root, orange peel (6%), orange powder (3%), clove, pineapple, lion's tooth, clove (1%), marigold flowers.


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Enjoy the natural benefits of clove tea

Composed of ingredients such as clove, orange peel, fennel and pineapple, the organic clove tea will be your partner for the digestion and the small infections of the daily life. With blond highlights, a smooth and balanced flavor, you will taste the aromatic notes of fruit and spice. Licorice adds a sweet and slightly bitter touch. Add a few drops of lemon and honey for a perfectly invigorating blend. Bring back all those delicious winter recipes!

Benefits and virtues of clove tea

Clove essential oil, clove essential oil, dental clove ... In button or powder, under a tooth or oils, clove is a blessing. It calms the pains, supports the digestion and prevents the infections thanks to its concentration in eugenol. Present since ever in the kitchen, it accompanies more than one recipe and preparation. It is the friend of the pepper, the honey and the lemon to look after your evils. In infusion, its virtues are often combined with those of ginger, thyme, cinnamon and of course, orange. In short, a real alternative medicine!

Our tasting tips

How to prepare the orange and clove infusion

The preparation of the orange clove infusion depends on the properties of the water you will use. Ideally, a water with low calcium content and little mineralization will ensure an optimal result. Like black coffee or chai tea, orange clove infusion requires boiling water for its fine spice flavor and essential virtues to be released.

How much clove herbal tea?

Do not exceed 12 to 15 grams of orange clove tea for 1 liter of water. This means between 2 to 3 grams of product per cup, i.e. 1 heaped teaspoon. You may want to add honey and lemon.

What is the ideal infusion temperature of the orange clove infusion?

The orange clove infusion requires an infusion in water at 100 °C. Wait 7 to 10 minutes. During this time, the herbs, spice and fruit release their pleasant taste and beneficial effect.

When to drink the orange and clove herbal tea ?

The clove tea can be enjoyed at any time. In the morning, it helps you wake up. You feel good about yourself. Later in the day, you enjoy its natural benefits, essential for daily health.

The advantages of clove tea in bulk

Thés & Traditions offers a wide range of organic herbal teas and organic infusions in bulk. The zipped bag or the closed box of 100 grams guarantee a better quality of natural products than individual bags. The ingredients keep their taste better. Our advice: carefully close the package of your orange and clove herbal tea after each use.

Why buy your orange tea and cloves on Thés & Traditions?

Let yourself be seduced by the clove tea and by our stock of organic infusions and organic teas. Each product is indeed from organic farming: it is the guarantee of a flavor and benefits to natural. On Thés & Traditions, you benefit from a free delivery from 45 euros of purchase. Of course, the payment is completely secure. You can pick up the ordered products in a relay point or directly at home. You have a doubt, a product misses unfortunatly in stock? Do not hesitate to ask us your questions or to leave a review in the customer section.

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