Conseils de préparation

Preparation Tips

temps d'infusion

Infusion time
2-3 min

température d'infusion


Moment de la journée

Time of day
All day long


12-15g / L




China green tea Sencha, quince, grapes, moringa leaves, natural flavour, verbena leaf, meadowsweet, spinach, spirulina, matcha green tea.


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Moringa green tea: the miracle ingredient of our Prickly Pear blend

The organic Prickly Pear tea has the particularity to be composed of several products. Moringa tea is one of its ingredients.
Moringa oleifera is a tree native to India whose virtues and effects on health have been proven by numerous scientific studies. The seeds, fruits and leaves of this tree are edible. The leaves are most often consumed dried or in powder form.
Combined with Sencha and matcha teas and spirulina, moringa tea is the product you need to take care of your body and your health.

Benefits and virtues of moringa green tea

Moringa tea is rich in nutrients. Minerals, vitamins and antioxidants are present in the leaves of this plant in large numbers. Vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, magnesium, potassium, protein and fiber are just a few of the nutrients that moringa tea offers you. This tea is therefore ideal for strengthening your immune system, fighting aging or losing weight. It is also a natural energy drink.
Moringa tea also has an anti-inflammatory action. It can therefore be useful as a complement to a medical treatment in order to relieve the symptoms of certain diseases.

Our tasting tips

How to prepare moringa green tea?

To benefit from the effects of this blend of teas and fruits, it is essential to prepare your infusion with the greatest care. Here are our tips for an optimal tasting experience.

How much moringa green tea?

For a great tasting infusion, use 12 to 15 grams of blend per liter of water. Slip it into a stainless steel tea ball, infuser or empty tea bag for easy straining.

What is the ideal brewing temperature for moringa green tea?

For this blend of teas and fruits, the ideal brewing temperature is between 70 and 80°C. Once the water and tea are in your cup, allow 2 to 3 minutes before straining your drink.

When to drink moringa green tea?

The product Figue de Barbarie, of which one of the ingredients is moringa tea, can be consumed at any time of the day. From breakfast to coffee break or from lunch to bedtime, any occasion is good to offer you a cup of this delicious beverage.

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