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H : 22cm, Ø 7cm

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Borosilicate glass


430 ml


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Borneo teapot: Tropical design

Let the Borneo Teapot add a touch of the exotic to your everyday life. Its sleek glass design is a reminder of the purity of tropical forests, inviting you to explore a world of intense flavors and enchanting scents, just like the varied flora and fauna of the island of Borneo. The Borneo Teapot is equipped with two removable stainless steel filters, allowing you to control the infusion of your tea according to your preferences. The short filter is ideal for a long infusion, allowing the tea leaves, herbal tea or fruit to infuse freely. The long filter is perfect for a short, controlled infusion, which you can remove according to the desired intensity.

A practical, quality glass teapot

Made from high-quality materials, the Borneo Glass Teapot is as practical as it is elegant. Its stainless steel filters are easy to use and clean, ensuring longevity that will let you enjoy this exquisite piece for many years to come.

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