Tisane de fenouil

In herbalism, foeniculum vulgare or common fennel is a plant known for its multiple virtues. Its seeds and leaves are used in the preparation of many herbal infusions.

The benefits of fennel are best expressed in an herbal tea with a good taste of anise. A cup of organic fennel tea combats digestive disorders and bloating. The properties of fennel also have an effect on the female hormonal balance, especially during breastfeeding. Natural diuretic, fennel has a double action slimming and draining by eliminating toxins.

Discover all you need to know about fennel and its benefits on your health.

Fennel tea, the essential at the end of meals


Rich in anethole , fennel seed cures all digestive disorders. Follow this herbal tea recipe to digest well after your meals. Infuse 10 minutes a teaspoon of fennel seeds in boiling water.

Against colic you can prepare fennel tea for your baby. Its antispasmodic virtues calm the stomach aches of newborns and young children. Choose the sachets of fennel sold in bulk resulting from the organic farming. Of better quality it is guaranteed without pesticides.

If you suffer from aerophagia and bloating drink a cup of fennel fruit infusion. For flatulence you can brew fennel seeds to relieve yourself. Consuming fennel products in herbal infusions is also effective against constipation and diarrhea.

These extraordinary benefits of fennel infusion

In the garden as well as in the kitchen, we appreciate the yellow flowers of fennel for their aniseed flavor. Anise has therapeutic virtues on respiratory affections such as asthma and cough.

According to doctors, the phytoestrogens contained in fennel regulate the female hormones. During breastfeeding, an infusion of organic fennel promotes the production of breast milk. To relieve painful periods, prepare a decoction of fennel seeds. During menopause, fennel has soothing properties against hot flashes.

Against high blood pressure, take advantage of the relaxing properties of herbal teas composed of verbena and fennel. Slimming, the fennel tea is diuretic and stimulates lymphatic drainage. Finally, it is a natural product good for the eyes which improves the sight.