Conseils de préparation

Preparation Tips

temps d'infusion

Infusion time
7-10 min

température d'infusion


Moment de la journée

Time of day


12-15g / L



Ingrédients biologiques

*Ingredients from organic farming :

Hemp leaves (20%), date (date, rice flour), apple, lemon balm, raspberry leaves, chamomile, carrot, fennel, lemon peel, whole verbena, apple pieces, yarrow, natural peach flavor, natural lemon flavor, St. John's wort, peach, lavender, hop flowers, blueberry flowers, natural bergamot flavor.


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Everything you need to know about the effect of CBD herbal tea on sleep and rest

Tisane CBD sommeil

Wondering about the benefits of CBD herbal tea? The properties of this type of infusion not only provide welcome decompression, but also allow you to look forward to a peaceful night's sleep. Find out how CBD herbal tea affects not only your sleep, but also your body. This molecule, derived from hemp flowers, helps you fall asleep, relaxes your body and is a delight for insomniacs.

How do CBD herbal teas affect sleep and body recovery?

A healthy lifestyle requires sufficient recovery time. It's essential to relax and unwind before going to bed. CBD herbal tea, taken at the right time and in the right doses, helps you to approach bedtime with serenity. Like many people, do you need a helping hand to get to sleep? Do your friends and family sing the praises of CBD herbal teas? Follow their advice and enjoy a good night's sleep yourself. Discover all the benefits of CBD infusion on your rest.

CBD herbal tea: a beneficial effect on your sleep cycle

CBD herbal tea is not a treatment for insomnia. However, drinking this herbal tea will help you relax and loosen up your muscles, so you can enjoy a carefree night's sleep. CBD could indeed boast a beneficial effect on circadian cycle regulation. If consumed as an herbal tea or in some other form, CBD can help you to enjoy a calm night's sleep without any restlessness. Cannabidiol binds to CB1 and CB2 receptors. CBD thus attenuates neuronal activity and promotes homeostatic regulation.

The relaxation felt after CBD herbal tea helps you fall asleep

The sensation of relaxation provided by a CBD product is often sought-after. A hemp-based herbal tea helps to calm you throughout the day. Taken in the early evening, it offers a ritual that helps you approach your nights with all your worries behind you. Experience the moment of the present and a unique moment of calm. Opt for the best possible context for falling asleep by savoring your CBD infusion.

Tasting a CBD infusion reduces stress and guarantees quality rest

Cannabidiol is often used by consumers seeking less pressure and more relaxation in their lives. CBD herbal tea, organic, natural and with no side effects, ensures a unique disconnection at all times. Savored after a meal and a few moments before going to bed, CBD infusion helps create an environment conducive to falling asleep.

The pain-relieving effect of cannabidiol herbal teas prolongs your nights

Thepain-relieving and stress-reducing effects of CBD products are said to have a considerable influence on sleep management. CBD consumed in herbal tea thus plays a more than interesting role in facilitating sleep, particularly for people suffering from chronic pain and pathologies.

The human need for sleep and the effect of CBD herbal tea

Sleep disorders are exacerbated by urban lifestyles and bad habits. Stress at work, everyday anxiety and other worries all take their toll on your sleep. The predominance of technology in our daily lives doesn't help us fall asleep. Our brains no longer find a way to decompress, and nights are restless and of poor quality. And yet, humans have an essential need for restful sleep to face the day.

Do you suffer from sleep disorders? Are your nights strewn with insomnia, startle attacks, nightmares and night terrors? Is sleep apnea preventing you from feeling rested? CBD herbal tea could be your ally. A CBD product can boost your alertness during the day, while a cannabidiol herbal tea offers you a one-way ticket to Morpheus' arms in the evening. Reducing insomnia with hemp-based infusions could change your daily life and your quality of life.

What is the ideal composition of a CBD herbal tea to promote sleep?

Our CBD products, like our herbal teas, are organically grown. Hemp tea is appreciated for its soothing qualities. However, consumers like to combine it with other plants and fruit extracts to enhance its aromas and perfect its taste. The CBD infusion, with its skilful dosage, offers unique benefits, restorative nights and delicious flavours.

Adding complementary herbs to your CBD infusion to enhance your ability to fall asleep

Would you like to ensure a peaceful night's sleep? Your usual CBD herbal tea relaxes you, but you'd like to add a plant known for its relaxing virtues? A CBD infusion combined with linden, chamomile, verbena or even valerian should be a great help in getting you to sleep quickly. Don't deprive yourself of a few hours' restful sleep thanks to CBD, and enhance the effect byadding other substances.

The ingredients in CBD infusions promote quality sleep

Of course, the taste of a CBD herbal tea differs from that of a chamomile infusion. This can be mitigated by theaddition of a few fruitflavors, such as apple, or herbal flavors, such as lemon balm or mint, as desired. This complementarity lends a softer note to the infusions. Consumer feedback on this herbal combination is unqualified. They are delighted by both the taste and the properties of the herbal teas. They happily savor these CBD beverages before bedtime to enjoy a stress-free night's sleep.

How to consume a CBD infusion to promote a peaceful night's sleep?

Infusing a CBD product preserves its characteristics. While the components diffuse more slowly through your body, the desired effect of CBD herbal tea is longer and gentler on your system. Cannabidiol consumed in herbal tea form allows you to enjoy the benefits of cannabis on your sleep without being disturbed by psychotropic effects.

Preparing your own hemp infusion for perfect sleep

Infusing hemp flowers before bed isn't rocket science. To prepare an infusion of the CBD product of your choice, heat the desired quantity of water before your well-earned rest. Simply leave to infuse for 15 minutes or so. Have you considered adding a fatty substance to your preparation? With a little milk, vegetable oil or coconut butter, all the CBD's active ingredients will be effectively fixed, and the terpenes and cannabinoids will diffuse with greater ease. Respect the recommended CBD dosage and increase it only if necessary.

The ideal time to enjoy your CBD herbal tea for effective rest

Naturally, theimpact of CBD herbal tea on sleep is greatest when consumed before bedtime. Sip your hot hemp flower drink and enjoy a moment of stress-free relaxation before going to bed. Allow 1 hour for the CBD to be digested and metabolized. So consume your cannabis flower infusion at the right time. The prospect of a peaceful night's sleep is priceless and within your reach thanks to CBD herbal teas.

The ideal time to enjoy your CBD herbal infusion is in the early evening, if you want to go to bed serene and soothed. Don't forget that our CBD herbal teas can also be enjoyed throughout the day. By consuming a CBD herbal tea, you have the chance to benefit from the properties of cannabis, without experiencing the undesirable effects of THC. So you can face the day calmly and worry-free.

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