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3-5 min

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Morning & Day


13g / L




Assam black tea, date (date, rice flour), natural flavor, marigold flowers, bourbon vanilla, caramel (sugar, natural flavor).


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Black tea vanilla caramel in bulk for drinks with a generous taste

With our bulk product, prepare drinks with a sweet aromatic note, for a relaxing moment. Each cup contains the deep, tannic taste of Assam tea. This tea also develops a note of honey, which perfectly accompanies the sweetness brought by the bourbon vanilla and caramel.
In the composition of our flavored black tea, we also find pieces of date. These fruits accentuate the sweetness of the infusion. With the combination of these different ingredients, our blend has everything to offer you a gourmet black tea.

Benefits and virtues of the black tea vanilla caramel

The infusion of our flavored black tea brings you daily pleasure. Assam tea is part of the black tea family. It is rich in theine, an energizing substance, which gently wakes you up. A source of antioxidants, black tea strengthens your body. This is also the case with marigold flowers, which naturally stimulate your immune system. They also have a soothing effect on the throat.
The sweet taste of caramel comforts you. Vanilla has a sweet aroma that relieves stress and anxiety. This effect is similar to the one produced when eating dark chocolate. Bourbon vanilla also plays a role in the proper functioning of digestion. It is also the case of the pieces of date, which bring their batch of fibres.

Our tasting tips

How to prepare the black tea vanilla caramel?

To obtain a cup with a good taste of caramel and fruits, brew your product in bulk for 3 to 5 minutes in hot water. If you have a sweet tooth, you can replace the water with milk. This practice is common in Indian culture, where tea is mixed with spices.

How much vanilla black tea should I use?

In order for the ingredients to release their gourmet taste and sweet note, you need 13 grams of loose product per liter of water or milk.

What is the ideal infusion temperature for black vanilla caramel tea?

For black teas, the proper brewing temperature is 100°C. This ensures that the beverages offer their full range of flavors and benefits.

When to drink vanilla caramel black tea?

The combination of the different ingredients, sweet and stimulating, is ideal to replace your coffee at breakfast. You can also drink a cup during the day when you feel sluggish. Teas are not recommended in the evening because of their theine content.

Advantages of the black tea vanilla caramel in bulk

To compose our products, the selection ofquality ingredients is essential. We pack them in France, to preserve their freshness. You will find your black vanilla caramel tea in a zipped bag or in a metal box. These containers allow an optimal conservation of the taste, the aromatic note and the benefits of your product. The information necessary for the preparation of a cup of tea is written on the bag. The metal tin can be reused to store other loose teas.

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