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temps d'infusion

410 g

température d'infusion

Height: 13 cm, Ø: 8.60 cm

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Japanese ceramics


400 ml


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A Toki heritage

Carefully crafted in the Toki region of Japan, this stoneware mug is the fruit of ancestral know-how. Toki, famous for its ceramics production, is a region that flourished with the development of tea culture in Japan. In Japan, this mug is traditionally used as a beer mug. However, its charm and functionality have won us over, and we suggest that you use it to enjoy not only your beer, but also your favorite teas and infusions.

A solid, quality mug

Stoneware is renowned for its sturdiness, giving our mug remarkable resistance to shocks. Ideal for everyday use, this mug is designed to last and retain its brilliance over the years. With its wide handle, this mug is comfortable and easy to handle. The inside of the mug is carefully glazed for a smooth finish, while the unglazed exterior reveals the raw, slightly rough texture of stoneware, adding a tactile dimension to the tasting experience.

This model is sublimated by motifs of beige flowers and brown leaves, called "konsei" in Japanese, bringing a touch of nature and serenity to every sip. With a capacity of 40cl, this mug is ideally sized to generously savor your teas, herbal infusions, fruit infusions or a cold beer.

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