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8,7 x 10,2 cm

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Japanese ceramics


350 ml


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A Unique Decorative Item

Shaped with dimensions of 8.7x10.2 cm, this robust ceramic mug, heat resistant, is perfect for savoring your favorite hot drink, from morning coffee to evening tea. Its large capacity of 350ml provides generous room for all your relaxing moments. Besides its practical use, our Kawaii Lucky Cat mug transforms into a unique decorative item when not in use. Thanks to its careful design, it perfectly stands upright, whether upside down or not. This gives it a playful appearance and a charming presence on your desk or shelf.

A Symbol of Japanese Tradition

Every detail of our Lucky Cat mug was designed to evoke Japanese tradition. Maneki Neko, which literally means "inviting cat" in Japanese, is known for its raised paw which, according to popular belief, attracts fortune. Thus, our mug does more than just serve your favorite drinks; it can also bring you a daily dose of good luck!

The Perfect Gift for Lovers of Japanese Culture

Whether it's for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, our Kawaii Lucky Cat mug is a charming and original way to celebrate Japanese culture. Whether you are a fan of Asian art or just looking for a unique mug, this product is made for you.

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