organic black tea

Like millions of consumers, you like to enjoy a cup of tea at breakfast? In addition to enjoying its taste, you are convinced by the many benefits of this beverage. Why is choosing organic black tea the ideal solution? The flavors, the quality, the respect of nature... We tell you everything!

  1. Choose quality: opt for organic black tea
  2. The benefits of organic black tea

Choose quality : choose organic black tea

Black tea is one of the most consumed drinks in the world. It is manufactured in large part in Sri Lanka, India or China.

How is black tea produced?

Black tea is made from dried tea leaves, which then undergo an oxidation process. To consume it, it must then be infused in very hot water. It is marketed in different forms; in bags, in bulk or in pods. The production is more and more mechanized and according to the processes used, the quality and the taste vary strongly from one product to another. Here is why choosing organic black tea guarantees excellent taste values.

Organic tea: a guarantee of quality

The tea plants are mainly cultivated in Asia and harvesting is usually done by hand. To limit the damage caused by diseases that affect the crops, some producers resort to the use of pesticides. By choosing organic black tea, you are sure to consume a product that has not undergone any chemical treatment.
This criterion is really a guarantee of quality. Indeed, when the leaves are picked, they are not washed before being oxidized. Only, the tea is consumed in infusion. Therefore, when you consume the fruit of a non-organic production, you risk ingesting residues caused by the use of pesticides.
There is nothing like an excellent Ceylon from organic farming, to appreciate the taste and the fruity aroma of this typical black tea from Sri Lanka.

The benefits of organic black tea

The benefits provided by this drink are no longer to be proven. To get the most out of it, the ideal solution is obviously to choose an organic black tea.

Why is organic black tea better for your health?

Choosingan organic black tea over a conventional product is better for your health. Indeed, it has been recognized that this beverage from the tea plant is particularly rich in antioxidants. During production, the leaves are not washed in order to preserve their flavor.
Also, when sold in bulk rather than in bags, organic black tea retains its polyphenol and flavonoid content, the elements that give it all its virtues. Drinking a cup of organic Darjeeling tea guarantees that you will enjoy the taste and the virtues of a quality tea, while eliminating the risks of ingesting toxic substances.

Protect nature by choosing organic black tea

If you are sensitive to the issue of respect for the environment, choose organic black teas. Indeed, these teas come from tea plants cultivated according to strict standards. The producers guarantee that they do not use any chemical treatment for each step of the manufacturing process. They promote biodiversity and the use of organic fertilizers to maintain their crops. The yield is certainly lower than that of large-scale production, but this better preserves nature. Regular controls make it possible to verify the good respect of the fixed standards. In addition to acting for the environment, producers who opt for organic farming ensure decent working conditions for their employees.
Convinced by the benefits of organic black tea? Let yourself be tempted by a cup of a delicious Earl Grey to appreciate its unique aroma.