Comment doser le thé noir ?

For a black tea with developed aromas, it is necessary to dose 2.5 g of tea (powder or leaves) for 15 cl of hot water. This dosage is suitable for spiced teas, keeping at least 50% of the composition in the form of tea.

The dosage of black tea, between taste and bitterness

According to the traditional method, tea is prepared as an infusion. In a teapot of hot water, the tea leaves must be infused through a filter. For black tea, the advice is to put 2.5 grams of tea per 15 cl of hot water. This represents half a teaspoon of tea.

The less purist use tea bags, more practical. In general, each bag is measured out for a standard cup. However, the water temperature must be respected. The preparation should infuse for 2 to 7 minutes to give a richly flavored infusion.

The role of the infusion time in the tea's flavor

The dosage influences the strength of the tea, but also its theine content. Moreover, with a longer infusion, it reinforces thebitterness of the drink. The color and aroma of the tea are defined more by its origin and quality than by its quantity.