Quel thé noir tradition anglaise

The traditional English black tea is Darjeeling black tea. It arrived in England during the 17th century, following a mistake. The English appreciated it and still drink it today.

Darjeeling black tea, the favorite of the English

In the 17th century, the British bought their tea from China. At the time, there were few varieties. The English purchased premium green teas through the India Company. The story goes that one shipment fell victim to poor preservation.

The tea leaves, placed below the waterline, fermented in the heat of the sun. When delivered to London, the quality of the product was strange. However, the British preferred the taste of this black tea to that of the green teas usually delivered. They added milk to sweeten the taste.

The "Cup of tea" symbol of the British way of life

Gradually, the cup of tea became the national drink of the United Kingdom. The small black tea bag from Darjeeling is the image that the country sends to the world. Over the years, the British cup of tea has also become established in India.